Reasons Why ‘13 Reasons Why’ Misrepresents the Realities of Mental Health and Suicide

You’ve probably heard it all by now—this newfound idea that everyone should be treated with kindness because you never really know what’s going on in someone’s life, this epiphany that any small action can jumpstart tragic chain reactions, this sudden widespread change of heart—all elicited from the trending, highly praised Netflix series “13 Reasons Why.”

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Blaze vs. Pieology

 On March 14, the day many math and science nerds have waited for began: Pi day. A day in which all math prodigies can bask in the wonderful and celebrated 3.1415926. Some of these students decided to celebrate Pi day in a unique way: by eating pizza. The popular build-your-own pizza restaurants Pieology and Blaze sold whole pizzas for only $3.14!

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DNCE Spells Out Disappointment

You hear their feel-good lyrics all the time on the radio, so it is pretty surprising to think that DNCE released their debut single “Cake by the Ocean” just last year. Following their EP “Swaay,” which was also backed with the popular “Pay My Rent” and “Toothbrush,” the clearly successful band finally released their first complete, self-titled album on November 18, 2016

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Passengers is a Voyage Best Missed

Two “passengers” find love in a disappointing and ordinary story Allan Sainz Staff Writer     Morten Tyldum’s “Passengers” was released on December 21, 2016. The film tries to pull together the allure of science fiction and a love story as beautiful as the Titanic. In what would seem to be an interesting story of love, selfishness, […]

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Making a Mark in the Hip-Hop World

“White Iverson” singer and rapper Post Malone reveals his identity as an artist through the early-December release of  his album “Stoney” Karen Supandi Staff Writer     Up-and-coming hip-hop artist Post Malone released his new album, “Stoney,” on December 9, 2016. And to say the least, it is a controversy.     The 21-year-old got popular after “White Iverson” […]

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