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My first-hand experience at A Sack of Potatoes in Artist’s Walk

Mercedes Ayala

Staff writer

    When you hear about the restaurant “A Sack of Potatoes,” the first thing that comes to mind is potatoes—it’s in the name, so why not? Well, don’t let the name fool you. Although you’re not wrong, and it does serve potatoes in different ways, there is far more on the menu. The restaurant, which had its grand opening on March 9 and 10, serves fruit drinks, ice cream, crepes, and pasta aside from the potatoes.

    When you first walk into the store, there is a brightly colored mural, and the shelving is filled with books and plants. You get a warm and welcoming feeling from the energetic atmosphere, and it’s a cute little place to hang out. It’s also set at the perfect location in Artist’s Walk–not too far from American–making it a destination for students after school. When I walked in, I got that cozy and down-to earth-feel for about five minutes, but then the crowd came in. I was fourth place in line and that alone took me ten minutes just to order. The staff was very patient and sweet, but their system wasn’t set in order.

    One of their items is a “steak combo,” which includes popcorn chicken, sausage, fries, vegetable, fruit, a drink of your choice, and, of course, steak. Sounds like a good deal since you can sample everything, but the portions of this are rather small, so it really only is a sample. Eventually, I decided to settle for the beef croquette, which is a small breadcrumbed fried food roll with beef, shellfish, ham, and mashed potatoes.

    When I first read this on the menu, I was intrigued as to what it was. Little did I know that I was going to regret my decision big time. After placing my order, I had to scavenge for a table. Although the inside is cute, it’s limited in seating and can get cramped easily. I waited 20 minutes for my little box of fries and then another 10 minutes for my croquette. By that point, I had already finished my bitter and too strong of a drink (the Hong Kong ice milk tea), lost my appetite for the food because the restaurant reeked of overpowering garlic, and felt sick from eating just four fries.

    Even though I had this sick feeling in my stomach, I had already paid for the beef croquette, and I knew no one else with me was going to want it. Therefore, I endured it and the show went on. When I first cut the croquette, I noticed that the mashed potatoes inside were flavorless, and the fried breadcrumbs needed some sauce because they were dry. There was a little lettuce with the slightest bit of sauce over it, but that still couldn’t make up for the dry flavorless croquette. I have to say, the box it came in was cute, small, and colorful and had served its purpose. I gave up on trying to eat my flavorless, dry, and over-seasoned food after a few bites. I went home rather disappointed because of two things: one, I didn’t enjoy the food, and two, I wasn’t able to try the eggette bubble waffle ice cream because I felt sick.

    I’m glad I didn’t have it after all; at first it was just my that stomach ached, but then I felt the world spinning, so I went to lie down after taking an aspirin. I went to bed with a slight pain, but it was nothing I thought was serious. The next day, I woke up fine. Then, right when I was walking out the door, I felt a sharp pain. I already knew what was wrong, but out of all the times it could have hit, it decided to hit when I was awake and out of bed! I skipped half of my classes that day and went home regretting my horrific decision, vowing to myself to never do that again! Personally, I wouldn’t go back, but don’t necessarily take my word for it—I do encourage others to go try it for themselves. I had visited when they were still getting started, but now that Sack of Potatoes has been operating for a while, I encourage others to give this place a try and judge it for themselves.

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