A Distorted Past

Do history textbooks do justice to people of color? Haritha Rajasekar Staff Writer      As our nation continues to battle the institutionalized discrimination against people of color, many are forced to look back at the fundamental teachings that have shaped us all–our history textbooks. Whether it be topics such as the subjugation of indigenous populations or […]

Santa’s Elves are Going Virtual This Year

AHS students share how they are continuing to take part in their Secret Santa traditions over Zoom. Abigail Manalese Staff Writer      Freezing cold mornings, windows frosting over, and chattering teeth are all happening indoors this year as the state of California is put on a stay-at-home order this holiday season. Friend groups at American High […]

Sorry Santa, Chimney’s Closed This Quarantine!

Governor Newsom has recently announced a new mandatory lockdown, virtually eradicating all outside-related holiday activities. The question is…what now? Renee Cheung Staff Writer      We have done it again folks, pat yourselves on the back! California coronavirus cases have exponentially shot up again to a record high of 28,000 new cases in just a week. With […]