The Race Towards a New Democratic Candidate

Aarya Vaidya  Staff Writer       With the presidential elections just under a year away, candidates are working hard to earn their votes. As the search for the final Democratic nominee continues, many students are spending time to learn more about the candidates through various platforms, though many do not yet have the right to vote.       Though […]

Is the Calendar Shift Finally Taking Place?

Soon, we might be having finals before winter break Khushi Kanchibotla Staff Writer      Congratulations! We have all successfully survived the first semester of the 2019-2020 academic year. With finals over, we only have four and a half months of school left. But what if those four and a half months became only four months? Thanks […]

Focusing on Freshman: Spirit Week

What inspires some of American’s youngest students to show school pride? Shreya Daschoudhary  Staff Writer       Spirit week is arguably one of the most festive and fun-filled times of the year. Students from all four years come together in order to prepare sets, dances, fight scenes, and skits. They toil hard all summer in order to […]