On Wednesdays, We Wear Red

  Teachers feud with FUSD as their demands for an overdue salary increase among other concerns continue to be overlooked Yasmeen Abed Staff Writer     Unifying the teachers, carrying their cause, and remaining an emblem of their protest—a symbolic round red button complements their everyday work attire as they take one unified stand.     Teachers have been […]

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The Importance of Thanksgiving

    Nowadays, Thanksgiving is clouded by materialistic events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Through all of this, many people have begun to overlook the meaning behind this holiday: being thankful for the nonmaterial things.  One example is recognizing the community we live in.

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What Song Are You Listening To?

   Music comes in all shapes and forms, and right here at American, each person’s unique taste comes into shape with what they’re listening to.

    Around school, it isn’t particularly unusual to see students with headphones on or earbuds plugged into their ears, but the real wonder is what they’re listening to.

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