Review on Bowl of Heaven

Bowl of Heaven Picture

AJ De Las Alas

Staff Writer

    Bowl of Heaven is a new addition to the many snack spots at The Block, a shopping and dining center adjacent to Pacific Commons in Fremont. Next to food joints such as The Habit Burger Grill, Krispy Kreme, and Blaze Pizza that mainly serve unhealthy meals, Bowl of Heaven is appealing to consumers who prefer a healthier snack. The restaurant sells various organic smoothies and fruit juices, but is famous for its acai bowls.  

    I visited Bowl of Heaven on a Friday at around 2:00 p.m.. This was a pleasurable time to come as the place was not very crowded. As I walked in, I immediately noticed how small the place was in comparison to other restaurants nearby. Considering that Bowl of Heaven had recently opened, the small interior was not surprising.

    The place had an obvious tropical theme to correspond with the fruit-based products served. The tables were wooden, the walls were painted bright colors, and there were various paintings of beaches on the walls. Overall, the interior was modern and pleasing to the eye.

    Looking at the menu, I was discomforted by the expensive prices. Regarding the acai bowls, a regular sized bowl was priced at $8.50, while a large size was $10.50. The smoothies and fruit juices were just as costly with a regular cup priced at around $7.00 and a large priced at around $9.00. These prices were a major disappointment for me.

    I decided to order the traditional Popeye acai bowl, which contained a smoothie blend of various fruits, including organic acai, pineapple, and strawberries, and was topped with flax seed granola, fresh banana, and honey. Other popular items on the menu included the North Shore and Peanut Butter acai bowls, and Berry, Sea Sider, and Sunset Blast Smoothies. The contents of the smoothies were similar to the ingredients in a Jamba Juice drink, except that the Bowl of Heaven smoothies all contained organic acai and MAQ7. According to the company’s owner, “MAQ7 is a unique blend of nature’s most powerful and exotic superfruits around the world.”

    I was pleased with the customer service at Bowl of Heaven as the cashier was polite and courteous. However, the cashier was the same person who made the bowls and juices for the customers. Because of this, the wait was a little longer than expected, and I ended up waiting about 15 minutes for my bowl.

    From my first spoonful, I could taste the richness of the fruits in the smoothie blend, especially the strawberries and pineapple. The texture of the blend was refreshing as it was smooth and thick without being too chunky. The granola was scattered throughout the bowl and added a crunch to each spoonful that complemented the soft smoothie. While my first few bites were pleasing, I began to get tired of the taste after I continued eating. I was having difficulty finishing the regular sized bowl I had ordered. For first timers, I would definitely recommend sharing Bowl of Heaven’s acai bowls with a couple friends.

    I’d give Bowl of Heaven 6 out of 10 stars mainly because I was unimpressed with the taste of their famous acai bowls and did not enjoy the price of their products. However, I was pleased with the aesthetic interior of the restaurant as well as the polite attitude of the cashier. Bowl of Heaven is a peaceful place to hang out with a friend or two and share a healthy snack.


Bowl of Heaven: 43986 Pacific Commons Blvd, Fremont, CA 94538; (510)-440-8802

Business Hours:

Monday to Thursday 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Friday 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Saturday 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Sunday 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

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