COMMENTARY: A Black Lives Matter Protest in Fremont CA?

A point of reference on what these protests look like in our city Rebecca Beddingfield Editor-in-Chief The news is a scary place. I’ve seen everything from protesters praying with police to protesters being tear gassed, shot at, and arrested by police. Instagram stories that walk you through safe protests including how to neutralize tear gas […]

The Game of Life: High School Edition

★★★★☆ 4 out of 5 stars. It wasn’t perfect, but I had fun. Michelle Lee Editor-in-Chief      Rude awakening: high school is not like the movies. Surprise.       I’m not sure what I was expecting when I was entering my freshman year, but it was something along the lines of pristine halls, tall lockers, a giant cafeteria, […]

Confined At Home With The Parentals

How different students at AHS are quaranting with their parents Michelle Fong Broadcast Editor       There is sufficient data to prove that teenagers today have impressively moody attitudes due to hormonal shifts in their brains. This usually results in over-sensitivity, which is conceived as grumpiness or rudeness but is that always the case? Here is a […]


AHS students stay united through virtual activities  Aarya Vaidya Staff Writer As students continue to wrap up the school year through online learning, school spirit is not lost. Students from the AHS leadership team have continued to work together to make sure that school events and activities continue virtually.       For students in leadership, the process […]

Making the Move

How does moving halfway across the world change people? Shreya Daschoudhary  Staff Writer      Sahar Waseem might seem like your typical junior in high school. She takes challenging courses, pushes herself academically as well as through extracurriculars, and works hard to make the most of eleventh grade. However, unlike most others, Sahar actually moved to America […]

Subtle Shifts

Exploring the star athlete and leader’s personal growth in high school   Aarya Vaidya Staff Writer      An athlete, a leader, and a friend. To many, senior Bridget Agyare is a well-rounded student who leaves a positive impact on others no matter what she is involved with. However, the volleyball varsity captain and the head of leadership’s […]