The Rizz Game: Pathetic Joke or Defining High School Moment?

Exploring American’s small world of dating and answering the age old question: is high school dating important? Ananya Balaji Staff Writer      “W Rizz.” “Pulling ‘female dogs.’” “Got no game.” If you eavesdropped on some conversations around American’s rotunda this past Valentine’s Day week, I can almost guarantee you had heard at least one of these […]

On the Field with Marching Band

After taking home the gold seven times this season, Marching Band gives a glimpse into what it takes. Surya Chelliah, Alfred Ukudeev-Freeman Staff Writers       “Mr. Wong has a hands-off approach. And it works.” Says saxophonist Dhruv Sharma (12)      It’s a complicated, coordinated effort, but Mr. Wong has found a particular method for carrying out band […]


A Forever Flower

Delving into the history of an American High School student’s small crochet flower business Kelly Wang Staff Writer      A sweet present for your loved one or an anticipating question to ask them on a date, flowers are an universal symbol for love. But their beauty is short-lasting—as with any living thing. Madyson Tran, a sophomore […]


Exploring the Real World of Journalism

An interview with Demian Bulwa, Director of News from the San Francisco Chronicle on awareness and controversy. Jessica Le Staff Writer      Just hearing the words “current events” brings up traumatizing memories for the upperclassmen of American High School and anticipatory fear for the underclassmen. Interpreted in the context of AP English Language news summaries and […]

Lore of AHS: Mr. Millard

Exploring the infamous room of Mr. Millard’s Computer Science class Alfred Ukudeev-Freeman Staff Writer      The room is bustling with chatter, kids on their phones, messing around on their computers. That is until “the GOAT Mr. Millard,” as Revant Patel (11) calls him, walks into the classroom.      “A lotta kids have Fortnite loaded on their screens […]