Should the Merck COVID-19 pill be authorized?

Health officials give their opinions on the the first COVID-19 antiviral pill  Japneet Kaur Staff Writer      On Tuesday, November 30, the FDA panel of health advisors, after a day-long meeting with many expressed concerns, narrowly voted to back the Merck COVID-19 pill for emergency use authorization. Molnupiravir, according to Merck’s official website, is an “investigational, […]

Merry Crippsmas

Exploring Fremont’s most enduring holiday-themed display: Crippsmas Place Sinchan Mishra Staff Writer      There are many things to love about the holidays: the endless cheer, the beautiful decorations, the giving spirit, the warmth of community… and Crippsmas Place, located just a few streets away from AHS, manages to combine it all into one convenient event.       It […]

The most popular undesirable Holiday gifts: How to give gifts people will actually use

A small list of popular unwanted gifts and the impact of its wastage.    Sonal Agarwal Staff Writer      According to, approximately $15.2 billion in total has been wasted on unwanted Christmas gifts throughout the United States overall. The average Christmas spending price amounts to around $900, as stated by Seeing a splurge in Christmas […]

California’s Sikh Awareness and Appreciation Month

The core beliefs of the Sikh faith Japneet Kaur Staff Writer      The month of November is one of the holiest months for Sikhs. It’s the month in which the birth anniversary, or Gurpurab, of Guru Nanak Dev Ji falls. Of the ten Guru Sahibs in Sikh history, Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the founder of Sikhism, […]

The Best of Times, The Worst of Times

Taking a closer look at the different ways people react to the colder months Sinchan Mishra Staff Writer      November. The days get colder, the nights get longer, and colorful leaves blanket the ground everywhere you look. For some, this is the best time of the year—a time for anticipating Thanksgiving Break, enjoying Starbucks’s winter menu, […]