Your Data Might Be In Danger

On December 14, 2016, Yahoo announced that 500 million email accounts were hacked in August 2013, making it the largest breach in history. Additionally, the 2016 election shed light on the possibility of foreign hackers manipulating the election votes to add up in President-elect Donald Trump’s favor. Issues like these bring up the question: how safe are we from hackers and security risks and what can we do to prevent this?

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Vine is Slowly Dying

Twitter announces that the mobile app Vine is being discontinued Allan Sainz Staff Writer     On Thursday October 27, 2016, Twitter announced that in coming months the beloved mobile app Vine will no longer be in service.    This does not mean that all the iconic vines are going to be deleted. Vines like, “Damn Daniel,” “Look […]

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STEM or Humanities, an Ongoing Question

American Students tend to choose STEM courses over humanities Max Broberg Staff Writer     At the end of every year, students from 8th to 11th grade participating in course selection have been following a certain trend: prioritizing STEM classes over humanities.     This trend is caused by the growing value placed on more technical careers ranging from […]

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The Pink Tax Cuts Into Women’s Finances

The cost of living for women is significantly rising Meenu Kumaraguru Staff Writer     Being a woman simply costs more. On average, women annually spend $1,351 more than men for the same merchandise and services—razors, shaving cream, shampoo, painkillers, haircuts, dry cleaning, and even children’s toys.     Many businesses, such as Walgreens, get away with charging about […]

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Chinese New Year in the West

Modern Chinese-American celebrations Jennifer Fong Staff Writer     As a Chinese-American living in the Bay Area, an area known for a large Asian community because of its proximity to Angel Island, I celebrate Chinese New Year a little differently, and a little less traditionally than in mainland China. There are small changes that set apart Western […]

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Chinese New Year in the East

A fifteen-day festival with a four thousand-year history Sophia Cheng Staff Writer     Chinese New Year and now the year of the monkey, begins with the Spring Festival on February 8, and continues for fifteen days, ending with the Lantern Festival. In addition to new beginnings, Chinese New Year traditionally marks a time of good wishes, […]

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Addressing a serious issue

A commentary about rape culture Tara Habibi Guest Writer     Take a look around the rotunda, down the hall, or inside one of your classes.  Count the number of girls that pass you every single day. One, two, three, four, five. One in five. That is the statistic of women who are raped in their lifetimes. […]

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