Opinion: Why We Should Have School Off for Cultural Holidays

The reasons for closing school to allow people of various cultures and backgrounds to celebrate their holidays. Anika Aggarwal Staff Writer In a school as diverse as American High, why shouldn’t we acknowledge some of the holidays that people so greatly value here?      According to US News, over 87% of American High School’s students are […]

I Was Just Lonely….I Was Just Desperate

While the platform of YouTube celebrities may come off as child-friendly at first glance, the disturbing trend of child predation continues to rise Renee Cheung Staff Writer      “Hi Sisters!”      We have all most likely heard this quirky little catchphrase at least once no matter the context. James Charles is perhaps one of the most successful […]

Column: American Students and Staff, You’re Not Being Heard

The FUSD board of trustees and the Board of Education have not made significant progress for both students and teachers evidenced by the recent SRO issue. Abigail Manalese Staff Writer      The Fremont Unified School District and its constituents are performative activists. Years have passed, but the same issues teachers and students are facing have not […]

Space X Launch: Success or Failure?

The SN10 rocket launched triumphantly- then exploded into flames. Namita Nair Staff Writer      On Wednesday, March 3rd at 5:15 CT, SpaceX successfully launched its SN10 (Starship) rocket prototype into the atmosphere of South Texas. Three minutes after landing, it exploded. The launch, originally scheduled for 3pm, was delayed due to last minute adjustments to the […]

The Fall of David Dobrik

How the once-renowned “King of Youtube” fell to his demise and his disturbing work to desensitize sexual harassment.  Renee Cheung Staff Writer TRIGGER WARNING: This article includes descriptions of sexual assault. Viewers’ discretion is advised.  David Dobrik was once a small Viner who started his youtube channel in 2015. His content consists of small skits […]

Does the California Senate Care about Mental Health?

Senate Bills 14 and 224 are calling for mental health reform in schools as it becomes an increasing concern amongst teens.  Abigail Manalese Staff Writer      New bills in the California Senate were introduced by Senator Anthony Portantino regarding mental health in schools and were discussed on March 10th, 2021. Senate Bill 14 requires the California […]