Students at AHS discuss their plans for preparing for second semester of 2021  

Neha Zope

Staff Writer

Dia Gupta (9) –

     “[For the second semester], I’m hoping to start writing out my assignments more because it’s hard to keep track of things when they are not written down and then you miss an assignment and get it in late and lose points, so I plan to use my planner more to help me with that. I hope to improve [on my study methods] because sometimes after school I get really tired from looking at a screen so I will get into bed and then fall asleep for a couple hours. I am going to try to not do that and try to get my work done right after school so I can have a free evening.” 

Tamanna Malhotra (10) – 

     “[For second semester], I’m continuing on with AP European History, I’m doing Chemistry, Algebra 2 Trig, English 10 honors, P.E., and French 3. What I’m thinking of doing [for preparation] is that a lot of the hard courses that I have, I like to get their work done out of the way so I always prioritize those first because at the end of the day, I always want to do the easy stuff last so I’m not tired or anything while doing my hard ones. [For the AP exam], I have a few upperclassmen friends, and they have some notes from last year that they use to prepare for the test so they have been sending me those just to get me ready for the AP exam before I start studying myself. ”

Diya Stephen (12) – 

     “I’m taking Dance, AP Economics, AP Calculus A.B., AP Literature, and my ROP class for Biomedical Innovation [for second semester]. I just plan on doing my homework and for homework, I usually procrastinate, but for big projects. I will work on it early so that my grade doesn’t go down. I feel more relaxed [as a senior] … [outside of school] I am doing this thing called FORA(Forging Opportunities for Refugees in America), so I tutor a refugee child everyday for an hour after school. Sometimes [it does affect studies]. Sometimes there will be a peer mentor that will come to watch, and then afterwards she has to stay with me and talk but she may go on about her tangents so instead of it taking one hour per day, it takes two hours.”

Anagha Balaji (12) – 

     “I think that with not having college apps anymore, I’m just planning on sleeping everyday and focusing on my schoolwork during the day rather than the night and I think it will be more smooth second semester. I’ve been getting tutored for AP Chem., because I was struggling in the class, and other than that, I’m just trying to keep up with course material, just sporadically reading over my notes [for AP exams] … I’m actually in a robotics team too. Our robotics season is from January to February third week, so it is an everyday, four to five hours thing, so that’s going to be a major activity. I think during second semester, with COVID-19, I’ve had a lot more free time since I don’t have to commute to my classes anymore, so I’m trying to start some personal projects second semester.”

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