Favorite Christmas Memories. 

Divli Bhat

Staff Writer

Ashna Khemani (11)   

     “One of my favorite (and craziest) memories was 5 years ago when my family and I spent winter break in Hawaii. We were at the beach and saw something on the horizon, and when it got closer, we saw it was Santa and a couple of elves on a canoe. I still don’t know how they had the energy to row that far.”

Ansitha Nambi (10)

     “Last year my friends and I met during Christmas eve. We baked cookies and played games. We formed groups and made different types of cookies! It is one of my favorite memories as I got to meet one of my oldest friends again.”

Rakshan Patnaik (10)

     “My favorite Christmas memory is last year when I went to Dallas to my cousin’s house. We were in pajamas and we all opened presents Christmas morning. It felt really special because normally my cousins don’t celebrate Christmas with a tree or presents. Everyone was so happy.”

Deeta Ganapathy (10)

     “I think my favorite Christmas memories don’t come from a certain year but rather parts of every year. My favorite parts are family game nights on Christmas Eve, opening presents the next morning, and just spending time together as a family. If I had to choose one, it’d probably be giving presents to friends and family.”

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