One of Amazon’s new advancements is Amazon Prime Air. This service uses drones to deliver small parcels to customers. (Photo by:

Amazon’s new technology makes shopping more convenient for customers

Neha Muppidi

Staff Writer

    Amazon, a popular electronic commerce company, has recently developed a lot of new technology.

    Among its latest advancements are Amazon Go, Amazon Locker, and Amazon Prime Air. These new developments will make the process of shopping much faster and easier for busy customers.

    Amazon Locker, the first of these developments, was originally created in 2011 and was again relaunched in 2016. The service, targeted toward people who are often on-the-go and not at home, allows customers to have products they order shipped to a “locker” in a city near them rather than to their house. This system, currently in use by customers in various metropolitan cities, prevents customers from missing the mail- delivery and parcels from being stolen.

    Amazon Go, a somewhat new service was recently developed. Its first location, only for use by Amazon employees, was opened in Seattle in December of 2016. Amazon Go is a new type of store that does not require checkout. Amazon’s advanced “Just-Walk-Out” technology detects when products are taken from  or returned to shelves and adds them to a virtual cart. Once customers are finished shopping, they can simply leave and their Amazon account will automatically be charged for whatever they purchased. This new technology makes shopping more efficient and convenient as it eliminates the need to spend time waiting in long checkout lines; customers can leave whenever they are finished shopping.

    Amazon Prime Air, the company’s newest idea, is a drone-delivery service that delivers small packages under 5 pounds to houses and other locations that are within a 10-mile radius of an Amazon order-fulfillment center. Still in the process of being developed and tested, the system allows for drones to efficiently deliver packages within 30 minutes of being sent out. If successful, Amazon Prime Air can benefit the environment by reducing the number of trucks needed to deliver items.

    Amazon’s new technology is sure to simplify the shopping experience for customers and will make future shopping more convenient.

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