Students auction off gifts and services during Love Eagles Week

AJ De Las Alas

Staff Writer

    The charity auction is a new event created in spirit of Love Eagles week (3/14 – 3/18), a week dedicated to spreading love to students, teachers, and the school.

    Students can auction off food, gifts, or services on the Facebook page for other students to comment their bids. The rules are that each bid must be in $1 increments and that the person with the highest bid by Sunday, March 20, wins the auctioned gift or service.  

    “[The auction] was an idea Leadership came up with, and I offered to help implement it with Zoe Hsaio,” Aditi Singh (12) said. “The idea of doing something purely for charity seemed really meaningful to me as well as the fact that the auction allowed everybody to engage in their own unique ways.”

    The money raised from the bids goes to Headstand Charity, a non-profit organization based in San Francisco that works to promote stress reduction, character education, and social and emotional wellness in students.

    “I realize how lucky we are to go to a school that’s devoid of serious issues so many students face elsewhere,” Singh said. “Headstand provides relief to at-risk youth and underprivileged students in the Bay Area. The youth are so vital to our future; it is our duty to help them. In addition, it seems logical to help your community before you proceed to help elsewhere.”

    Students have offered a wide variety of gifts on the Facebook page, including succulent plants, assorted beauty packages, personalized artwork, and more.

    “I offered to make chai and give the tea to the highest bidder on three mornings of his or her choice,” Purva Kapshikar (11) said. “Since I don’t have a car, I didn’t really know what I could offer that was unique. Some of my friends have been asking me to make some [chai] for them for the past year, and they’re still mad that I haven’t yet, so I guess that kind of inspired me. That, and also the fact that I make pretty good chai.”

     Other students participated in the auction by offering unique services to the highest bidder, such as makeovers, photoshop lessons, and iPhone repairments.

    “For the Charity Auction, I offered to tutor students with Spanish and edit multiple essays for any student willing to take part in the auction,” Kim Ton (10) said. “I chose to offer these specific services because I enjoy teaching and by helping students with these classes I could also improve my Spanish and English skills as well.”

    The auction helped raise over $500 to the charity. Students enjoyed participating in this event during Love Eagles Week.

    “I think the charity auction is a fantastic idea,” Melody Chen (9) said. “It showcases the many talents and interests of my schoolmates while offering a chance to meet new people and help a worthy cause.”     

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