Senior players approach the end of their final season

8987Volleyball Senior Night

Number 9, Devon Pierre spikes the ball against the Irvington Vikings varsity girls volleyball team. The game took place at American’s gym on November 3, 2015. “These past four seasons may not have been the best we could do, but I will definitely cherish the memories I made here,” Varsity player Miranda Chang (12) said.

Max Broberg

Staff Writer

    American’s girls volleyball team bid farewell to their senior members during their Senior Night home game against Irvington on November 3, 2015. Seniors were escorted by friends and family down a walkway in the gym as the efforts they spent over the season culminated into a short but joyous celebration.

    “As a team, we improved throughout the season and although it wasn’t the best we could do, we really did pull through,” varsity player Miranda Chang (12) said. “I was quite happy we were able to do so much better than past years.”

    Other senior members still couldn’t quite get their heads around the fact that high school volleyball is over for them.

    “It feels weird and surreal,” varsity player Shreya Joshi (12) said. “I still can’t imagine being a senior. I’ve always seen it throughout the years, but never experienced it.”

    Members leaving the team worried not only about the end of their high school volleyball career, but also the well-being of the team in years to come.

    “We do have lots of good juniors, but seniors made up most of the team, so they’re going to have to bring up a lot of people from junior varsity,” varsity player Claudia Vu (12) said.

    Still, the graduating members of the team feel their underclassmen will continue excelling in future years.

    “I think it might be a slightly difficult transition, since there’s so many seniors on the team,” Chang said. “[The juniors] will still be able to grow even after we’ve left though. They have the talent.”

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