Writing Club holds fundraiser by delivering messages in a bottle

Krystal Lai

Staff Writer

American High School’s Writing Club held a fundraiser “Message In a Bottle” from January 26 to January 30 in the SAC. Each bottled contained a rolled up poem inside picked by the club officers according to the category love, friendship or other.

Each bottle costed $1; customized notes written by the buyer costed $.50 more. The proceeds of the fundraiser went towards the Poetry Slam, which will be held on March 20, and the bottles will be delivered on February 13 during read period.

“When we were thinking of fundraising weeks ideas last year, Julia, our vice president, and I knew for sure that we wanted to sell something that included writing, ” president Disha Dubey (12) said. “A message in a bottle seemed like a really cute idea to send someone a poem.”

Dubey, along with officers Julia Jen, Alyssa Tran and Navya Kaur, were in charge of making the bottles. Each person was assigned various jobs that were needed to make the bottles: writing tags, punching holes, cutting ribbons, etc.

“Since we typed out all the handwritten messages, one of the difficulties in that was reading people’s handwriting and trying to keep the message exactly as they intended to send it,” Dubey said. “Also, perhaps the hardest part was rolling up the poems tightly enough to fit the bottle.”

Writing Club Fundraiser
One of the buyers, Jordan Au (12), writes his customized message for the recipient. The bottles are going to be delivered on February 13, 2015 during read period.

Jen commented her appreciation for the fact that the fundraiser both lovers and friends to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

“I like the concept of a message in a bottle, because while it’s supposed to be for Valentine’s Day, it isn’t overwhelmingly romantic,” Jen said. “A student could buy a bottle and send it to pretty much anyone, and it would be sweet and sentimental, but not awkward. Also, the bottles last forever, so they are a permanent reminder of the sender.”

Sophomore Zeralene Yet was one of the students who supported the fundraiser by buying a bottle.

“I thought it was very cute,” Yet said. “The writing club in general is a club I like to support because they give good advice and their contests are very creative. When I first saw it, I knew I had to buy one and a lot of people I told were very much onboard with the idea.”

The fundraiser went well, and around 45 bottles were sold.

    “Of course, we’re always going to want to sell more so that we can have even bigger and bigger events,” Dubey said. “But I would say the process went pretty smoothly.”

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