Semester Long Cat Project

Gabriel Casillas

Staff Writer

Anatomy and Physiology students in Ms.Kagel and Ms.Westover’s class have started a semester long cat dissection/rebuilding that had started three weeks after the second semester started.

Students had six weeks to dissect and completely tag muscles and gut the cat, but that’s not the end of it. After having boiled the empty cat, they are required to put the bones back together in some sort of theme.

“It’s only tough work when no one in your group is there to help you on it,” junior Akash Jhamat said.

Fumes from the cat in which it has been preserved in could cause serious harm and students were told by the teacher to induce vomiting in the back sink  but gladly that hasn’t happened this year. Most students have to eat their food and drinks outside due to the chemicals that could spread in the air to prevent vomiting and other bodily problems.

“It gets gross, I mean because it stinks so bad we have to have four fans on in the room,” junior Angel Reyes said.

Towards the end of the semester the students will have to rebuild the cats bones and set it to a theme that everyone in the group will enjoy. Creating these themes could cause some tension due to the deadline and how well your cats bones are cleaned.

“We had to rush to start gluing each bone together because we had so much muscle left on the bones,” junior Adnin Buzon said.

In the end each group will give in a model of their cats, but the project doesn’t just increase the group members grades but increase the groups trust and comfortability with each other throughout the project.

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