AHS Students Hack Teacher’s WiFi

Willy Moosayar

Staff Writer

    Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, they can wait. Students at American High School have been using the WiFi on campus to access social media; however, the student WiFi has these websites blocked.

    Some students then log on to a teacher’s account without knowing the consequences for the teacher and for themselves.

    “Some students go on websites that are inappropriate and this goes under the teacher’s browsing history,” Assistant Principal Ms. Palos said. “Teachers can lose their job for this, even though they were not the ones on the site. As for students, first offense will be a Saturday school and after that it will be suspension.”

    The school administration has access to find out which students are overriding the codes.

    “The district checks to see what our override codes are being used for; and if they see it is used for social media while teachers are suppose to be working, they will look into it more deeply,” Palos said.

“They can track the device it comes from and students who override it using iBoss can also be tracked.”

    The school blocks these websites for a purpose, to make sure students focus on class instead of tweeting and posting things on social media,” Palos said. “School is not the time to be entertained by social media sites or do online shopping, even if you are not doing something productive in class.”

    Some teachers and other students have stopped by to inform administration about their concerns.

    “We speak to students who have been caught to investigate and see where the chain of knowledge starts,” Palos said. “Teachers have also told us about students using the teacher’s WiFi code.”

    Administration is stepping forward to make sure this comes to an end because it can have serious effects on American High School.

    “We have emailed teachers and contacted other schools reminding them to change their passwords,” Palos said. “We will continue to address concerns as they come up.”

    American High School is taking this case seriously because of the severe consequences it has for the teachers and student

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