The $30 Million Dollar Question: Is April 19th AHS’s Reopening Date?

Tensions rise and tea is spilled as Superintendent Cammack reveals an updated reopening plan during Wednesday’s school board meeting Rebecca Beddingfield Editor-in-Chief      “I’d like someone to say that to my face when we go back in person.”      “You’re a bully and a disgrace.”           The exchange above is just one of many emotionally-charged responses at Wednesday’s […]

For the People Act of 2021

Exploring the recent voting reform measure that passed the House this past week.  Haritha Rajasekar Staff Writer Voting. An action so substantial that a country’s entire well-being depends on it. This past week, Republicans introduced a series of bills in states across the country to implement restrictive measures on voting; these restrictions come after a […]

The Disconnect Between Teachers and Students

Opinions of students and teachers at American on the disconnect between teachers and students due to online learning Chaha Mukherjee Staff Writer Lucine Mohakel (11)-      “The disconnect between teachers and students, I believe, affects both parties. Students have seemed much more tentative and distant towards their teachers, but, at the same time, teachers are also […]

Antiracism vs Diversity: A New Curriculum

The divide between teachers and students on how FUSD’s reading list is evolving to teach anti-racism and diversity in English classes  Darcy Chew Staff Writer      Recently, a new district core adoption committee consisting of four American teachers was formed to adopt new books to the FUSD’s reading lists. As some students may have noticed this […]