Calling Attention to Inadequate Bathrooms

FUSD Discusses Problems and Solutions to School Bathrooms Vrunda Shah Managing Editor     On March 23, 2016, Fremont Unified School District hosted a board meeting to discuss the inadequate bathrooms available to students at American High School due to rising student population over the years.     According to the statistics provided by the board, American High School […]

Drug Policy on Campus

Administration talks about the current protocol regarding drugs Jennifer Fong Staff Writer     As illegal substances, such as marijuana, become more common in the high school scene, California has set certain procedures in place to address the spread of drugs on school campuses. Despite all high schools in California having standardized drug protocols, some school have […]

Patterson Ranch Home Developers File Lawsuit against Fremont Unified School District

Tensions rise as the district and developers struggle to compromise Ashwini Athreya Staff Writer On October 16, Fremont Patterson Ranch LLC and Brookfield Bellaire LLC home developers filed a lawsuit against Fremont Unified School District (FUSD) for not assigning their new houses to a school. Approximately a month ago, September 9, when this lawsuit was […]

More Students Leaning Towards Science Courses

Navya Kaur Editor-in-Chief Every year, when March rolls around, students are given a registration packet with a one-week deadline to choose the classes they wish to take in the following school year. Recently, however, the amount of students enrolling in science courses has been increasing. Since we are at the center of innovation and technology, […]