AP Tests Were Stressful Enough, The Pandemic Made it Worse

Coronavirus and how it has affected AP Students Krrish Angadala Staff Writer      AP tests can be some of the most stressful tests that a high school student will take in their life: it’s scary, daunting, and horrifying, all wrapped nice and tight into a 3 hour long test.  However, this year the coronavirus hit the […]

Overcoming the Strenuous Demand of Quarantined AP English

A glimpse at how Apeng students are managing their English workload over distance learning. Akari Che Staff Writer      During the coronavirus pandemic this school year of 2020-21, junior students, with many taking Advanced Placement (AP) classes, are expected to keep up with the workload the school brings them. Among the AP classes, one that is […]

The Battle for AHS Sports’ Life

Cohorts and the Future of AHS Sports Alvin Gonzales Staff Writer      Sports, to some student-athletes, is where their strong determinations have been built from. To some others, sports have given them the fond memories and strong camaraderies that they’ve built over the time they’ve been on the team. Other student-athletes are just big fans of […]

Students’ Campaign for Worldwide Change

HAS Students Making an Impact Around the World Abigail Manalese Staff Writer      Over the summer and into the fall, American High School students have been focusing their efforts on worldwide change. With the large-scale humanitarian crisis in Yemen being a big news story over the month of August, many unfortunate issues all over the world […]