What in the USA is the NCAA?

The NCAA recruitment process explained by student-athletes at American Alvin Gonzales Staff Writer      Self-discipline, obsession, and a work ethic are what every student-athlete planning on doing NCAA sports have in common. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is a nonprofit organization that provides nearly 500,000 student-athletes in the United States the ability to continue their […]

Antiracism vs Diversity: A New Curriculum

The divide between teachers and students on how FUSD’s reading list is evolving to teach anti-racism and diversity in English classes  Darcy Chew Staff Writer      Recently, a new district core adoption committee consisting of four American teachers was formed to adopt new books to the FUSD’s reading lists. As some students may have noticed this […]

Sink or Float: The Pressure of Shipping

Students’ thoughts about the dangers shipping (not the UPS kind)  Darcy Chew Staff Writer      Romantic shipping. The one very common in all types of fandoms. The one where a group of friends lightly tease their friends about being a couple. Now as Valentine’s Day has recently passed, students may find themselves wishing they were not […]

Anti Semitism?! In My Animated Movie?!

It’s more likely than you think. Bee Chaudhury Staff Writer      CW// antisemitism, Holocaust mention      Animated movies make up a large portion of many people’s childhoods, but there’s a lot of things in children’s movies that children themselves don’t notice. Generally, those things are either small details that aren’t super important, or they’re unpleasant things that […]

The Internet and the Insurrection: What Happened?

How poor information literacy affects our political environment and country’s safety  Lisa Yeung and Mengting Chang Staff Writers      NBC News anchors watched in horror as protestors charged into the United States Capitol Building. Shocked correspondents desperately surveyed the scene as the uneasy population at the scene pushed back and forth, soon breaking through windows and […]