AHS students are hosting an international two week long STEMathon in August

Darcy Chew

Managerial Editor  

      Another Instagram story. The same blue green hues shared over and over. What the heck is the Terris Challenge? And what in the world is a STEMathon? 

     Junior Ashita Singh is one of the co-founders of Superposition Fremont, the organization hosting the Terris Challenge, a STEMathon. As a young woman interested in STEM, Singh has noticed a lack of opportunities for young students like her and hopes the Superposition Fremont will provide opportunities that she wished she had. 

      “Superposition is not just empowering women. It’s more than that, it’s about people who are interested in STEM, getting together and just finding your passion, finding this community, and then making the change together,” Singh says. 

     The Terris Challenge is Superposition Fremont’s solution to provide opportunities and a platform for students in the form of a STEMathon. 

     “The name Terris is a combination of ‘terra’ (earth) and ‘genesis’ (beginning). So you can interpret our name to mean ‘beginning of the new world,’ because WE are the new world, from a new generation. With this challenge, we’ll be addressing world (earth) issues and cultivating our generation’s future leaders!” the Terris Challenge website states. 

      Jade Wang (11) is the other co-founder of Superposition Fremont also describes the Terris Challenge as a way for students to explore different aspects of STEM. 

      “Often when a person hears the words STEM, their minds automatically go to CS or robotics. But there are so many other aspects of STEM that we want to highlight. For example, neuroscience, chemistry, biology. These fields or areas of study are often overlooked and overshadowed by the tech craze, especially here in the Bay Area,” Wang says. 

      The Terris Challenge is a STEMathon. In other words, it’s a hackathon (a competition where people code during a specified amount of time) meant to encompass and highlight the other aspects of STEM through their “two tracks—one in research and one in product design.”  

      “The Terris Challenge is very unique because of our research track. The product design track is like any other hackathon where students can submit digital creations using AI, CAD, etc. But our research track is what we are most proud of because it is one of a kind. Students will be able to write their own research paper or research proposal guided by different mentors, who are college professors and career professionals. We have specialized professionals that students will be able to learn and work with, which is really amazing,” Wang shares. 

        The Superposition Team hopes to inspire students to take initiative in learning new areas of STEM. They also hope to expand beyond the Bay Area, creating more opportunities for students around the world. Cassandra Zhou (11) is an event coordinator for the Terris Challenge and outreach member who helps publicize the event in other countries. 

      “I think it’s important for the Terris Challenge to be international because we are lucky to be living in the Silicon Valley, a place most condensed with STEM talent and ideas in the world. There are many others around the world who have the same interest in STEM, and Terris serves as a bridge for us to provide these same opportunities to everyone around the world for free, which also aligns with Superposition’s purpose. Also, the international aspects allow us to reach out and network with students around the world while bonding over the same interests, which makes Terris also a valuable opportunity for Bay Area students,” Zhou says. 

The Terris Challenge website which the Tech Team programmed themselves featuring all information students would need to participate in the Terris Challenge, including the tentative schedule. “Although everything is in PDT, we are arranging times to find the most accessible for our participants around the world. We currently have participants registered from Indonesia, Pakistan, and more” Jade Wang (11) says.

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