Leadership’s Videography Committee during the 2020-2021 school year

Niveda Arun

Staff Writer

     Remote learning came with many changes, something all of American High students can undoubtedly attest to. But one such change that resulted in an enjoyable collection of memories for the year was the shift from in person school events to videos led by Leadership’s Videography Committee. Delving into the group of students who were able to compile the usual amount of gymnasium fun into videos, it is safe to say they were a huge reason events like Spirit Week and Springfest were able to continue. 

     “… I knew it was a particularly small committee… With less people, it’s always more difficult when we have a lot of work, but in a way our committee size has made it easier when assigning tasks” Andrew Yuen 11. 

     Yuen, one of the three Videography Committee members, talks about the abundance of work and limited number of people to delegate it to rather casually. 

     “Usually with the videos, I’ve been more in charge of any cinematic sequences, like with the beginnings of the Welcome Back and Homecoming Rallies” Yuen. 

     As someone who enjoys making videos, he goes on to explain how the experience was special to him personally.

     “I like to think I’ve gotten better at communication. In the first rally I sucked at working with other people but as time progressed our committee bond definitely increased! Honestly, I’m proud of everything I’ve worked on. It’s just been a really fun experience and I like the way a lot of things turned out. That being said, our committee has been particularly fond of the AHS Rewind” Yuen 11. 

     Many students agree that AHS Rewind was both unique to the school year and quite a wrap up of emotions and events that kept us busy. Though, as much as the viewers can appreciate from one side of the screen, other leadership students vouch for the Videography Committee’s hard work and pay off. 

     “I think Videography has done amazing work this year and has been a huge reason why we could even bridge the gap between virtual school spirit and how things normally are in person” Nicole Lai 12. 

     Being part of the club’s committee, she has seen how Videography set the standard for videos from the beginning of the year and, more closely, how they have helped her out as a leader. 

     “They have helped clubs with the International Week rally and worked with classes for Spirit week, and their coordination and effort despite being under huge stress has been extremely impressive and inspiring” Lai 12. 

     Ever since the Welcome Back Rally at the beginning of the year, this committee has been able to bring more and more content and amazingly make up for the lack of community distance learning caused, and being able to do so with few members and high expectations makes the results all the more special. 

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