Exploring the recent voting reform measure that passed the House this past week. 

Haritha Rajasekar

Staff Writer

Voting. An action so substantial that a country’s entire well-being depends on it. This past week, Republicans introduced a series of bills in states across the country to implement restrictive measures on voting; these restrictions come after a prolonged, baseless claim of election fraud following the 2020 elections. According to the New York Times, “other measures go well beyond that, including tweaking Electoral College and judicial election rules for the benefit of Republicans; clamping down on citizen-led ballot initiatives; and outlawing private donations that provide resources for administering elections, which were crucial to the smooth November vote.”

 However, much to the opposition of the G.O.P., Democrats were able to pass H.R.1, or the For the People Act, through the House, which would enable an expansion of federal voting rights. The bill, in short, is intended to optimize Americans’ ability to vote while implementing measures that would prevent and eliminate corrupt and unethical practices (like the ascendancy of big money and corporations) in regards to elections. This landmark legislation would put forth an opportunity for millions of Americans to vote efficiently, as the bill emphasizes the importance of increasing voter turnout and preventing the disenfranchisement of minority populations. For instance, the bill implements restrictions on how individuals can be removed from voting rolls, which is known to impact voters of minority populations. With the 2022 midterm elections coming up, it is essential that every eligible American can utilize their vote to their best ability. This bill is especially crucial for students as an aspect of the bill speaks on providing high school students with information on voter registration; the purpose of this effort is to allow all eligible voters to be aware of voting requirements and protocol so no misinformation permeates public discourse. The next step is for the bill to be passed by the senate, a vote which will occur soon. 

Display of the multiple voting mediums, whether it be through mail or ballot-box. These two systems are what the G.O.P aims to tweak to favor their party. This picture is derived from a CNN article. 

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