Students express their fashion opinions on current trends

Elise Kaylor

Staff Writer

Palwasha Alokozai (11)-

“I would describe my style as like neutral and chic. I like to wear formal clothes and dressing up. I also like wearing coats, boots, heels, nice jeans, and knitted sweaters. To be honest, I really like our current fashion trends today. One of the current fashion trends I like is mom jeans. I love that Doc Martens are coming back to style too. Also, I am so happy that monochromatic clothes and leather is such a big trend right now and a big comeback of jewelry. However, I think chunky sneakers aren’t a cute trend because they are too bulky in my opinion. Also, I don’t really like the super wide-legged jeans that are ultra high waisted which are long and baggy. I think Brandy Melville used to sell them. I really didn’t like them because I think they remind me of the ’90s. I also think the biker shorts with blazer jackets is kind of weird because it’s clashing two different aesthetics: comfy and formal. I also think the trend of bucket hats, colorful clips, and chains are too overused. It’s hard to style them with other styles of clothing.

Cassie Chow (11)- 

“I would say my style is 2000’s with vintage aspects, I don’t know if there’s a name for it. For my go-to outfit, I usually wear some flared jeans and a little tiny shirt, and some platform shoes. For my clothing boutique I have, I primarily sell slip dresses, corsets, tank tops, baggy jeans, and purses! As for fashion trends right now, I really like the furry bags and the miniskirts trends. And I love clothes that are the color brown. But, I hate the trend of pleated skirts. I don’t think it’ll go out of style yet, but it has definitely died down.”

Helen Mei (12)- 

“I would say my style range from a chic fashion style to an artsy style. I usually wear colorful outfits that are trendy or go with a fancy but also casual everyday look. Right now, I would love to see the early 2000’s fashion trend to come back because I absolutely love the look from back then. Some fashion trends that I personally love right now are oversized victorian sleeves, blazer outfits, and corsets. A fashion trend that I dislike the most is those extreme cut-outs from jeans or the ‘plastic’ look. To me, it just doesn’t look appealing and it’s really uncomfortable. I also think that tie-dye looks are just overused now. A fashion trend that I would love to create though is a detachable collar accessory because I personally have a few detachable collars. I love to play around with them to match with different outfits for new and different looks.

Azaan Sharif (12)-

“I genuinely don’t know how to describe my style, but I would say that it’s a mixture and blend between streetwear and whatever is primarily trending right now. As for an everyday outfit, I usually go with ripped jeans, some casual vans, a graphic or design shirt, and a jacket that matches. For trends right now, I think that a fashion trend that’s slowly popping up is dad coats. I think that they look super dope. However, a fashion trend that I hate right now is having words written on the middle of your sweats, I think that looks very weird.”

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