AHS students explain what classes they wish were taught to help them for the “real-life” future  

Neha Zope

Staff Writer

Sarvani Vungutur (10) –

     “Classes on budgeting a little bit, things that have to do with money and how we’ll spend it and how we’ll save it. For budgeting, it can help [students] save and plan out their money so it won’t be a hassle when they don’t have much money left, so they have all those backup plans. Maybe also talk about the politics today. I know teachers can’t really talk about politics, but I guess it’s [important] to be aware of the world and how to change it, if we are the so-called the ‘face of the next generation’… With politics, it’s more or less being self-aware, that is controversial for me, but that’s what I think. A class on politics, but it has to be unbiased. I also wish [American] would have an orchestra … There’s also a bit of comradery in orchestra, it takes every single member for the song to sound perfect, not just one person or one group, just everybody … it’s more or less teamwork.”

Kalyani Pillai (12) – 

     “[Classes] on taxes. Also, I think building character. I think that’s a very important one because most people who go into the “real-life,” they are secluded within that high-school space, so they don’t get to see that outside world but they need to know they are going to meet different people, so something to build a stronger character … Starting with taxes, once you get out of college it’s applicable, you can’t depend on your parents and others all your life to do stuff for you, and taxes are a very big thing of being an adult. Being educated about that, rather than just math or something general, would be applicable to all students.”

Prachi Shah (12) – 

     “There should be more classes on finances … [also] I would say self-defense. Defending yourself is [crucial], and you can then prevent most things (such as attacks). Most people [should know] how to defend themselves, and what you should do when there’s a gun pointed at your head, situations and scenarios, people are educated and things would be a lot [better], especially for kids since they don’t know.”

Katy Tien (12) – 

     “I would have a class on emotional intelligence, that doesn’t really have to do with science, but with more of how to handle situations, that kind of deals with criminals and how to control anger and emotions. I’ve talked with a friend, and he talked about how we kind of just arrest people who commit murders, but we don’t really talk about emotional intelligence, and talking and educating young men about toxic masculinity can really be a good effect on society … also as someone who is going into a political science major, the one thing that frustrates me the most is I don’t know anything about how that structure is going to work in a class setting … I really want to dive in on political theory and policies and laws that kind of stems away from government … if we had a political theory course or things that deal with policy, we could open a huge topic about anarchism.”

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