American High students discuss their feelings about potentially losing a lifetime experience during their high school life. 

Renee Cheung

Staff Writer

Harshini K. (11)-

“Personally, I didn’t have plans about prom this year because the pandemic had been going on for so long that worrying about an event that had high chances of being canceled seemed useless to me. I think prom can’t be replaced with any kind of virtual event, but I do imagine myself getting takeout and dressing up with a friend or two just for fun, though it would be a vastly different experience from prom itself. I didn’t really hope for or think about prom, but now that the possibility of it being canceled looms ahead of me.”

Rishi Matkar (11)-

“Due to this pandemic, it was a given that we would not get to have our junior prom but even though we could all see it coming, it still hurts a bit to hear. Prom is one of those events that people dream of going to with either someone or a group of friends, and it’s really unfortunate that we won’t be able to experience that this year. Luckily we knew about this way beforehand so I never had to make any plans for it in the first place. There wasn’t much I had in mind for what we could possibly do to replace prom while still socially distancing and following guidelines so we will just have to wait and see how the next year goes. Hopefully, we will still get to have our senior prom and graduation if everything settles down a bit soon.”

Jasmine Troung (12)-

“As someone who deeply values experiences, I’m incredibly upset about having to miss junior year prom and most-likely even senior year prom. My friend group and I were planning on going to an “anti-prom” that some of our friends were hosting in junior year and then the actual ASB-planned prom in senior year. As for alternative events, we were thinking of having a night where we all dress-up and wear fancy dresses/ tuxes and go on some type of midnight run, maybe get some fast-food or take a trip to SF, something along those lines to make-up for prom.”

Avani Kumar (12)-

“When I first thought about missing prom I was really disappointed because it’s something I was looking forward to during high school. I’m still kind of sad about it because I was excited to get dressed up and take pictures with my friends and my boyfriend who I would’ve gone to prom with. Since we only have a few more months of school, I’ve accepted that I won’t get to go to prom but I’m hoping we have another event like grad night where the seniors could be together, safely of course.”

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