Best memories from sports that are not offered at American High. 

Divli Bhat

Staff Writer

Anusha Nayak (11) –

     “Choreographing 2022’s Sophomore Bollywood Spirit Week dance alongside Aishwarya Manga and Naina Kalra is a memory that I will always cherish. When I was around six years old, I danced to “Desi Girl,” one of the three songs we choreographed to. After the final product was completed, it was really rewarding to look back and see my progress as a dancer over the span of a decade.”

Natania Ishananto (11) – 

     “My favorite memory of doing martial arts is the intense adrenaline of performing in the demo team (some even from AHS) as that rush and hearing the crowd’s cheer while doing something cool really makes me look forward to doing more performances with even cooler kicks next time.”

Deeta Ganapathy (10) –

     “I started dancing when I was 3 because my mom made me, but I soon grew to love it. My favorite memory was probably my graduation from Indian classical, it marks a pretty big milestone in that realm of dance. I also like hip hop because it’s just very accessible and has so many levels of difficulties, so there’s something for everyone.”

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