Students share what their ideal future looks like and what they hope for

Elise Kaylor

Staff Writer

     With the approaching new semester, seniors are realizing how quickly time is passing.  Graduation is only a few months away and with that, big decisions loom. There is such a wide variety of options where graduating students could end up. Seniors are deciding what path they want to take and where they hope they will end up. 

      For many, the challenging decision of choosing a major weighs on the minds of many students. However, Andrea Ng (12) has an optimistic outlook on her path even though she is still contemplating what she wants to do.

Andrea Ng (12) says that, “I would want to be a molecular biologist since that goes along with my major. I still want to explore the biomedical field.” She is one of many students trying to figure out what job will best suit her for the future.

      “To be honest, I am still a bit iffy about what I want to major in, but I plan to major in molecular biology at the moment,” she says. “My cousin, who majored in molecular biology, told me that I will find the major fun if I enjoy doing labs, which I very much do enjoy doing. So, it’s something that I thought would be worth considering. I also thought it would be interesting to study biology on a more molecular level. Of course, my opinion may change once I major in it, but I still want to try it out.”

      Rando Gascon (12) is interested in similar things as Ng, however, he is interested more in the applied aspect of biology.

      “I would really like to be a physical therapist. I realized what inspired me to go down that path is that I took an anatomy and physiology class my junior year and I found it quite interesting. The human body structure I actually found really exciting to understand. So, I think I will end up working in that area.”

      Another senior, Nidhi Nama (12) has a clear path planned for her, hoping that the future mirrors this.

     “I want to go to a good business school. Since I’m planning on majoring in finance, I really hope I get a good job in a well known corporate firm. I think maybe a financial analyst would be my future job.”

      Deciding what school seniors want to go to after school may be challenging. They have to decide what type of school will best suit them. Nama decided the best college for her is something that specializes in her work field and has a good location.

     “My dream school is New York University and I would love to go there because they have an amazing business program and New York is such a nice city. I love the city life,” she revealed. “But if not New York University, I would love to go to UC Davis or UC Irvine because I would love to stay in California.”

     Andrea Ng also based her dream college with similar standards as Nidhi.

     “The college that I hope to end up in is San Jose State because I heard that it has a good STEM program and internship opportunities. It’s also uncompetitive which is very suitable for me.”

     Rando Gascon decides to take a different route that is more beneficial to his life right now.

     “I hope that I go to community college. I think that it seems like a better plan,” he says. “This route will allow myself and my mom to save some money.”

     After college, the decision on deciding where they want to settle is an important thing to think about. Ng reveals that she is not sure where she wants to go yet, as plans may change.

     “In the next few years, I do see myself still living in California, but I may eventually move just because it’s too populated and expensive here,” she expresses. “It will possibly depend on my job, but I’m not too sure on what job I’ll have. However, I do want to explore more in the biomedical field.”

     Similar to Ng, Nama plans to live in a place that will allow her to thrive.

     “I really can see myself still living in California but I’m actually okay with living anywhere in the United States as long as I have a good job.”

     Along with many other students, Gascon also plans to stay in California but for different reasons.

     “At the moment I don’t see myself living anywhere else. It is because I like the weather and the people and the sense that I have been living here for awhile.” 

     Through it all, it is very clear seniors have an optimistic outlook on their plans for the future. Though the plans may change as time goes by, it’s clear that these seniors will approach it with open eyes and heart.

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