The story of  how Comedy Club can provide an outlet for students to de-stress

Krrish Angadala

Staff Writer

     With all the seriousness that school and its accompanying workload brings, we tend to forget how important it is to make time for laughter, the natural medicine that can improve your mood, strengthen your immune system, and combat stress. From the stress of finals to anxiety from work, we all could use a little more laughter in our lives. No matter how busy your workload is, making an effort to laugh a little can help mitigate any excess stress. Thankfully there is nowhere better for students to destress than American High School’s very own Comedy Club. 

     Comedy Club is a recently created club founded by its president and vice-president Sukhraj Brar (11) and Vaneet Pani (11). But despite the Comedy Club being about relieving stress, it was initially created as a club that would introduce an unseen topic to American. According to the club’s president Sukhraj Brar, “We thought our school needs something new that they haven’t seen, so we wanted to introduce something new and more positive that students can use as an outlet.”

     Providing an outlet for students has also been the main way that the Comedy Club hopes to help students relieve stress. Vaneet Pani agrees with that statement and firmly believes that that is the Comedy Club’s goal.

     “We kind of just want to create a space for students to de-stress especially during this whole social distancing thing. I feel like that stresses out students more. So, by creating a sort of safe, safe space for people to joke around about what’s happening in their lives in their day to day lives, and kind of relieving your stress from whatever might be going on at home or around them.”

     Many of the club activities that occur during the club meetings involve having club members create their jokes and create something new for the benefit of their fellow members. As maintained by Comedy Club’s secretary Shanza Faraz (11), “We’ve had a few contests so far and one of those was the Dad Joke contest. And during our actual meetings, we’ve had icebreakers where we allow everyone to tell a joke. That way everyone feels connected because it’s hard online especially. So that’s kind of a way for people to get to know each other as well and also get a chance to practice telling jokes.”

     Many of these activities are designed to help relieve stress in the club’s members. And through the feedback that is coming back to this club from its members, it seems that these methods are working. Priyanka Munnangi (11), Comedy Club’s fundraiser commissioner, has talked to some of the members and seen generally positive feedback.

     “After some meetings, [club members] have been like, Oh, that was funny. They tell me that just made my day a little better to see other people laugh.”

     However, all these successes do not mean that the club hasn’t had its fair share of problems and all of its officers agree that more needs to be done. Manasvi Gondi (11) the publicist of comedy club believes that more activities and events need to be created for their members, “So some areas [of improvement] could be like having more events because we’ve heard back from our members and they want more meetings and more events so we could definitely improve on that and we can overall just be more have more events where people can participate more” 

     Joanna Abejar (11) the historian of the comedy club, believes that being able to understand members on a more personal level will be more beneficial, “The areas of improvement is on the engagement we get from the audience like we want to be a tight-knit club, basically like a family, and we want to get to know each and every one of our members and make sure they feel comfortable in the space that we provide them in.”

     Despite all this, it is important to note that Comedy Club is still a very young club, and despite being such a new club, the club officers and members are still able to provide each other a safe area for them to be themselves and express their ideas through comedy. “Personally for me when I start goofing off with my friends and cracking jokes with them. It just makes me feel like 10 times better. And it makes my mental state, I guess better. And I feel like we can just provide that for everybody by having a sort of space where people can come and crack jokes with others”  laughs Pani.

Despite being a relatively new club
Comedy Club has provided a safe area
For its member to de-stress and express themselves
Through comedy.

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