Discussing season one sports being postponed and how that affects sports as a whole this year

Krrish Angadala

Staff writer

     Sports play a very important role in improving physical and mental state, and fostering active citizenship and social inclusion. Sports are an important part of a student’s growth and development. Through participation in sports and games, a student gains various skills, experience and confidence that are helpful for developing their personality. Not only that but athletics provide opportunities for further education through athletic scholarships. However, recently American High School postponed their Season one sports, which has led to many student athletes questioning when their season will begin again or the possibility that athletics may even be an option.

     One of the major questions that coaches and students have is when season one sports may start, a question that even the athletic department has trouble answering. According to Mr.Peffer, one of the athletic directors here at American and a track coach, “Right now it’s up in the air. No one’s really got a good idea. As [coronavirus cases] progress in the area, and, as more and more counties are locking down, it becomes difficult for us to plan.”

     However, a different issue may arise as season one is being pushed back further and further. The use of equipment may be in jeopardy due to the possibility that the first and second seasons of sports may overlap. Mr. Hashimoto, the other athletic director at American, remarked, “[The postponement] does create a gym usage issue in the spring with Badminton, Boys and Girls Basketball, and Wrestling already in that season.” He also adds, “The overlap between season 1 and season 2 was always going to occur”. However, Mr.Peffer believes that it is this usage of equipment and the certain nature of sports will make it difficult for sports to start up again, ”There’s no way you can play contact sports and currently we’re restricted to no sharing of equipment. So how do you play volleyball if you can’t share a ball right? So these are the things that we’re facing. And logistically we would be able to do the sports, but the thing is that the guidance and the governance are what are going to make it difficult”. 

     These problems have led some to question if the uncertainty of season one sports might deprive student-athletes from opportunities, such as athletic scholarships. However, Joyce Liu, a junior and a varsity volleyball player, has a different opinion. 

     “I understand why some seniors would be worried about it [the postponement]. But then, club season has started so, in terms of scholarship I’m pretty sure universities and colleges will look towards other forms of showing athletic abilities”

    However in Mr.Peffer’s opinion, he believes that in addition to AAU and club sports, student athletes need to be more outgoing and communicate with coaches.

 “It hasn’t totally stopped colleges from recruiting athletes. What they require is to know what you’re doing and for some people, it could be that they’re participating in club sports,AAU or something like that where that gives them opportunity to be seen. And in my sport, I coach track, shot put, and discus. It did not hurt one of our seniors. What it did require is that he was a lot more active getting his name out and reaching out to coaches”.

    Furthermore, the season one conditioning cohorts have opened up, allowing student-athletes to prepare for their respective sports. As stated by Mr.Hashimoto.

 “We began doing 3-week conditioning cohorts for season 1 sports in mid-October with coaches who opted in once we were approved by the district to do so. Space is limited in those cohorts because we are only allowed to have coaches oversee a limited number of students and cohorts”.

    But despite possibly losing out on a crucial season, student-athletes are generally in favor of this postponement. “I would rather we do play but because of the safety, and the vaccine is almost coming out. This postponement probably is for the better” states Liu(11).

 In the words of Mr.Peffer, “It’s not ideal for anyone for us to be waiting for it but at the local level we have no power, other than to make sure that we’re doing everything that’s possible to make it safe when students do come in participate”.

CIF, the California Interscholastic Federation, is the 
governing body for high school sports in the U.S. state of 
California. CIF did not receive any updated guidelines 
for youth sports from the California Department of Public Health. 
The current guidelines do not allow for 
full scale tryouts/practices/games,

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