Students of American High School share their favorite T.V show of the year 

Elise Kaylor

Staff Writer

Noreen Fakiri (12) – “My favorite show has to be In the Dark. It’s about a blind lady who is best friends with a 17-year-old who saved her life a few years back. He is a part of a drug cartel who ends up dead. She takes it upon herself to figure out who killed him. I like it so much because there’s so many plot twists and it just pulls you in. I haven’t watched such an intense show. I like comedy and drama T.V shows and so I think that also plays a role in why I like it so much. I definitely recommend it because of how intense the show is. The plot twists do not disappoint and the characters are played so well.”

Natalie Loo (11) – “My favorite show for this year is definitely Umbrella Academy. It’s about a dysfunctional group of siblings with superpowers and they try to save the world. I love the characters! They’re all so different which is probably why they’re relationships are so messed up, but also that’s part of what makes the show so interesting. I don’t really have a favorite genre of shows to watch. I usually watch shows based on recommendations from friends and family. Overall, I would recommend this show because it has great characters and enough humor and suspense to keep it interesting.”

Arisa Visperas (12) – “My favorite show right now is Julie and the Phantoms. It’s about a girl who quit music until she accidentally summoned a band of ghosts who died before they could have become famous. Ever since then, she started playing music again but with the ghosts and they became their own band. The songs are very catchy and some are really emotional which made me so drawn to the show. I also love the fact that it is not completely focused on Julie’s love life, but also on the friendship between the band. I am really into dramas and I think this does affect why I like it so much. There’s always something going on in this show. I recommend this show because the songs are so catchy and it just makes you want to dance and sing along.”

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