Tips and tricks to studying for finals

Darcy Chew

Staff Writer

Jade Wang (11)

     “For finals, the week before I split [my work] up. So each day I take a class and I take some notes and review all of the really important information. And then I do that for like each day of that week. And then, the day before each test. I go through like those notes that I did for review. I do practice problems if it’s [for classes] like Chem or math. But yeah, I just make study guides like the day before, and then grind very hard.”

Alicia Li (11)

     “Prior to finals, I usually do some studying on a weekly basis. It’s not much; I usually just take notes or do some practice problems. Then on finals week, I watch review videos, do a ton of practice problems, and then scream/study/panic with my friends via video calls.”

Peter Li (11)

     For me personally, I find that utilizing study guides that are provided is extremely helpful. I will usually differentiate between what I already know from the guides and what I do not understand as well to target my studying the days/weeks before. If no study guide is given, I will either flip through my binder notes sheet by sheet or through the textbooks. Much of my studying also focuses on feeling confident during the tests. I find that sometimes panicking is the worst possible case during finals and so I try to at least skim through most materials to feel ready. Similarly, one of the most important steps for me is to get enough sleep.

Apoorva Sannasi (12)

     I tend to list out how many chapters or topics there are for each of my classes and divide that by how many days I have to study. Then for each day, I like to set goals of what I need to finish by 12, 5, and 10PM, but of course, I’m always getting behind on my schedules so I keep buffer days too for catching up. 

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