Are they magic?

Bee Chaudhury

Staff Writer

     When many people think of the winter time and the upcoming holidays, one of the many things they think of are snowglobes. Snowglobes are considered standard for the winter weather, with the snowy scenes they hold inside, and the magic and wonder they store that is just out of human touch fascinates many. They hold something special that hurts to lose.

     Many people have strong emotional connections to their snowglobes, which can be due to what the snowglobe represents. 

     “I have this one snowglobe when I was like a picture of me and my family in it. I think breaking it would be, in a way breaking up a memory. So, the picture holds a lot of meaning to me, and I would just be destroyed.” Jessica Le (10) explains when talking about her favorite snowglobe.

     “I mean there’s nothing you can really do once it’s broken. I would feel despair and I’d feel as if part of me is missing.” Le continued, adding more depth to her feelings towards this snowglobe in particular.

     However, some people might not be as sad to break their snowglobes.

     “I think I’ve purposefully broken because I wanted to know I was so curious about the liquid inside. So I ‘accidentally’ broke it, but I was a weird kid back then. I have a faint memory of trying to break open a snowglobe and being so curious with the liquid inside and being so disappointed that it was just water. I just remember breaking open a snowglobe and I pretended that I was really sorry but I was just disappointed.” Tanya Kammampati (12) recalled when talking about her experiences as a child.

Tanya Kammampati (12) holds up her favorite snowglobe, which is a small half-dome globe with a snowman inside. The snowglobe has a lot of sentimental value, as she associates it with holidays and tradition.

     Others have found a different type of emotional connections with snowglobes, but not through memories.

     “I don’t know what it is about snowglobes, but it’s like you can shake a snowglobe and then just sit there for, like, an hour just shaking the snowglobe and watching the snow fall. It’s comforting. It’s weird, but it’s comforting.” Reva Gokhale (10) says when talking about her fascination with the glitter filled glass orbs.

     Many people have strong connections with their snowglobes through traditions, especially ones centered around winter holidays. 

     “I think we get them a lot as gifts. I remember this one in particular, we would go to my godmother’s parents’ place for Christmas dinners and such. I remember they give out like these, these really cute gifts, and I remember one of them being the snowglobe. And from then on we pretty much just started collecting them.” Kammampati further added. The strong ties with Christmas tend to be common.

     “I remember taking the photo with my family and then going to make that snowglobe. And I also remember putting it under my Christmas tree, each year. When I was younger I used to watch Christmas movies with all of them having snowglobes in them, which is what drew me to want one, because they hold good memories.” Le recalled when talking about the snowglobe of her family. 

     Snowglobes hold good memories in them. Breaking a snowglobe is different from a regular glass or plate because people are emotionally attached to their snowglobes, even if they’re only out once a year for winter holiday traditions. The emotional connection to snowglobes most people have is just another thing that makes people human, the ability to connect with anything.

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