AHS Students and Their Favorite Fictional Characters

Alvin Gonzales, Abigail Manalese, Neha Zope

Staff Writers

Saachi Baldwa (11) –

     “My favorite fictional character is Jessica Pearson from Suits. She’s smart, strategic, and organized. No matter what curveballs are thrown at her, she always finds her way out. Despite the biases that dominate her field, Jessica Pearson is able to succeed as a woman of color and get her name on the door, and I really admire that. She’s calm, collected, and yet passionate about her work and her dresses are incredible! She’s one of the best characters in one of my favorite shows!” 

Kelly Li (11) –

     “The first [fictional character] that comes to mind is Lucifer [from the Netflix show Lucifer]. Lucifer is just this almighty, powerful character that isn’t afraid to talk back and I feel like that’s really empowering. Also his life is problematic, much like most of ours, and I feel like it’s cool to see [him] work through [his] problems instead of you actually being in their position.”

Mihika Balaji (11) –

     “The first person that I’ve ever thought of as relatable is probably Nico di Angelo from Percy Jackson. … I feel like as I sort of grew up, I saw myself growing in parallel to him. … [Also], I thought of another thing. So the thing with Nico is he sort of grows to adapt to the world around him and no matter what he’s doing or how he’s doing mentally or as a person, he’s able to persevere through it. … Despite all this internal turmoil he’s still able to push through and help others.”

Hansol Jung (10) –

     “K-On! was [a] really good [anime show]. … [The show] is just about girls in a band playing music. … [The characters] just relax in their club, having some problem solving [stuff] and then having fun bonding together doing cute things. Yui [Hirasawa is my favorite character]. [If Yui and I met], we would talk, and then eat cake. [We’d] maybe play some music, eat cake and drink tea.”

Shree Sathiyan (12) –

     “My favorite character is Korra from Legend of Korra. I did grow up with both shows, but The Last Airbender ended by the time I was allowed to watch cable, so I grew up with Korra more. It was really cool for me to see a girl, especially a girl of color playing such a cool and powerful role as a child. As cliche as it sounds, it made me realize that I would do whatever I wanted to do. Seeing Korra’s character growth from a hot-headed teenager to one that becomes more at peace with herself and her surroundings made her feel so much more relatable than many other female characters in media. Honestly, looking back on it I’m sure I had the biggest crush on her as a kid.”

Amani Shah (11) – 

     “I really like Spiderman. I like his backstory, for instance he is kind of an ordinary person, who is a student, just like I am and his stories also are more normal … when he is not being Spiderman, he goes to school and he does normal student things so I really like that about him… Also, I really like how he deals with situations, his problem-solving and the way he goes head-first into situations, where he doesn’t hesitate, I like that about him. I really like his actual personality, when he is with his friends, he is more introverted but when he has a responsibility, he just goes for it.”

Isha Damle (12) – 

     “[My favorite character] is Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist. He is my favorite character because of his character development and how he is drawn and animated. I also really like his personality. He is inspiring because of the way he acts, personality wise, and his kindness. He inspires me to be nice and also in confidence too. I liked his backstory and how he sacrificed his arm and his leg to save his brother’s soul, which he bounded to a suit of armor he saw near him by drawing a symbol from his blood. I also liked the very last scene of when he was facing the Gate of Truth again where he sacrificed his alchemy powers to save everyone and he did save everyone. [He taught me] that protecting the people you love is more important than having your powers.”

Jianna Self (12) – 

     “My favorite fictional character is actually from anime [My Hero Academia] and her name is Uraraka Ochaco . The reason why I admire this character so much is because she never believes in self-doubt, she is always determined and never gives up on her friends and the people around her, and she just has a really amazing and strong personality. I can actually relate to her a lot. In the beginning, characters evolve a lot, so before, she used to think that if you fail then you don’t get up … she learns that even though you fail, that doesn’t mean you are defeated. You could still strive and continue on forward.”

Isha Medikonduru (12)

     “My favorite fictional character is Indiana Jones from the Indiana Jones film series. I like Indiana Jones because he is a great combination of brave, intelligent, and funny. He’s quick thinking and almost always manages to save both himself and those around him, getting them out of tight spots with ease. Additionally, he often puts others as his first priority and will sacrifice himself to save them. He doesn’t like to steal artifacts and keep them for himself; instead, he returns them to museums, where they belong, and doesn’t use them for monetary gain. Overall, Indy is a great hero because he has a good heart.”

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