Our thoughts on the most talked about 2020 California Propositions/Elections.

Lisa Yeung, Simar Ganda, Darcy Chew

Staff Writers

Results of Local Elections:

Yang Shao (City Council)- 

     “I’m also glad to see that Prop 22 passed. After all, it would allow the so-called shared economy to boom in California. A lot of people are so used to the services, such as Uber and Lyft, they provide complimentary services to our existing taxi industry. It also allows people to use their work time in a flexible way to earn extra income. As you know in Northern California, the living expense is very high. It is hard for people to work for one job to support their family. If they are allowed to be contractors instead of employees, they can bypass all those government regulations and use their spare time in a flexible way. I’m glad that it passed.”

Rick Jones (City Council)- 

     “With our local elections, in particular our mayor is probably the most important position. She is the face of the city. I don’t know if you have kept up with what she has been doing over the past four years, but she is extremely active. Fremont does not have a full-time council. All of us are part-time members, although it turns into much more than part-time. Our mayor routinely spends 60/70 hours a week working on behalf of the city and she is involved in things throughout the Bay Area, as well as meeting and calling our state representatives and our federal representatives. A lot of what we do depends on funding and we have to lobby for that funding… This election in particular we had six people running for mayor. She was the only one with any prior experience. I think it would be extremely difficult, had one of the others, in some fluke, had they won. It would have been a very steep learning curve to try to catch up with what is going on.”

Teresa Keng (City Council)- 

     “Every vote counts! I was helping to do voter registration at American High School last year because we want the young people to know how important it is to vote. Your local elections and city council decides a lot of things that are important to our everyday lives… For example, last year our city council voted to speed up the minimum wage of Fremont residents, ahead of the California schedule… Having the higher minimum wage brings in the higher income for the families. We decided on a lot of bills that are important to our residents.”

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