Bullet Journaling and Aesthetic Culture

Divli Bhat

Staff Writer

      Once upon a time bullet journaling was a method of being organized and productive by writing down notes in a book. Now it is writing down thoughts or information by using art and other crafting methods or making pages about themes from your favorite show or just writing down your daily list. Bullet journaling has evolved, and with this evolution came the age of aesthetic culture. Aesthetic culture is using alternative objects to reflect on art and emotions. Maybe it’s a color-themed page or maybe a page with everything that sparkles, aesthetic culture has no limits. 

       “I started bullet journaling as a way to express my creativity and a way of reflecting on general topics. Bullet journaling helps you write down your thoughts.  Instead of just writing down journal entries I thought bullet journaling would be a lot more interesting as you can spice it up by adding stickers, tapes, etc. Moreover, it’s a creative way to schedule your day, week or month. It motivates you to get things done.” says Ansitha Nambi (10), who uses bullet journaling to study and express creativity. 

A winter playlist from a Bullet Journal

      On the other hand, Rhea Shenoy a former artist and sophomore in Washington High School uses her bullet journaling for different reasons. “I use bullet journaling as an alternative to art. Art involves painting or drawings to express emotion. In a bullet journal, you can use not drawing but also words to express yourself. And it’s a great way of organizing your day and getting things done. Bullet journaling made me a better student and more organized”

     Being more organized is definitely amazing but bullet journals have more benefits than that. Bullet Journals also help relieve stress and can be extremely influential to mental health.  Ansitha says “It’s a fun way to reflect on life. You can write down your goals and make vision boards. Bullet journaling can also be incredibly therapeutic. Writing down things that bother you and doodling can calm you down immensely. After I began journaling, every time I feel stressed, I grab my journal and doodle on a page and I feel better immediately.” 

      “I have used bullet journaling as a way to express emotions all my life. Bullet journaling is incredibly peaceful and fun. It also fixes your mood and makes you energetic instantly.” says Rhea Shenoy. After a long day, bullet journaling can keep you alive and energized. 

      For some people, aesthetic culture is a significant part of bullet journaling, but it can also be used anywhere where art is concerned. For example, a bedroom wall, clothes, or even in buildings. Aesthetics is using emotion to create art, and because motion can vary, aesthetics can be different from person to person. “My aesthetics are entirely different from those of my friends. In my bullet journal, I tend to use pictures to create aesthetics. I use pictures that have a golden glow on it, this makes pages from my bullet journal look absolutely different and beautiful and I love it.”

      Rhea uses aesthetics in her outfits. “Aesthetics spices things up for me. I also use aesthetics on my walls as a form of room decor which is cool and bright. I like using a single color as aesthetic inspiration for my outfits.” Aesthetics is all about creativity and converting emotions into colors. 

      Rhea says “Aesthetics reveal a person’s qualities and characteristics. You can tell a lot about a person based on the colors they wear and use. Aesthetic is also based on  creativity and is a reflection of yourself in the world” 

A few pages from Ansitha Nambi’s (10) Aesthetic Journal

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