How to make sure you’re eating healthy to stay fit

Alvin Gonzales

Staff Editor

Alexis Nguyen (11) –

“[My family and I] would have tofu and brown rice, and just whatever veggies we have and we sauté those. … [Also] we eat a lot of fruits. Throughout the day we would drink [fruit] smoothies. … [We would also eat] any dish like fish fried rice with veggies and stuff.” 

“If you’re trying to become healthier, you have to pay the most attention to diet. You can’t just exercise and not have a good diet because that’s not really going to help you.”

Joshua Dumalig (11) –

“When it comes to dieting, it’s more about what you eat than how much you eat because one might think that eating really small amounts of salads and fruits. … It may seem healthy and it does slim down your body because you’re eating less, but it doesn’t benefit you as much as eating normally. … If you want to go on a diet and you also want to try to slim down, definitely don’t starve yourself. Eating food is important nonetheless. Just try to watch what you eat instead of regulating how much you eat.”

Jordan Vicente Esperanza (12) –

“For breakfast I eat oatmeal, a banana, and [sometimes] I make a smoothie that combines [any] fruits. … Then for lunch, I have protein such as chicken or turkey [or something else] is red meat like beef… I eat yogurt as a snack and… for dinner I also eat steak [and] rice.”

Mayank Banerjee (11) –

“[My Taekwondo instructor is] always wanting me to have water because I have private classes with him so he tells me to have water all the time. … I’ve noticed that when I have a lot of water throughout the day, when I workout or do exercises it’s so much easier for me to breathe because [breathing] is an important part of when you’re doing push ups and sit ups… so water helps a lot if you’re [going to] exercise. So having [water] throughout the day is important.

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