Understanding what is “Week of Service” and why students should participate

Nydia Kuo

Staff Writer

     Out of nowhere, many students began to see Instagram stories that said “Three days left.” With a confused mind, many people probably just swiped left and continued to see other stories. What many don’t realize is that these posts hint at the start of the Week of Service.

     So, after hearing this word for so many times, what is this Week of Service?

     According to Naomi Szeto (11), president of the GiveAbility club, “the Week of Service is a very fun opportunity to get volunteer hours, serve others, and get closer to people.”

     During this week, one of the events that would be happening is called “Hats for Chaps.” Szeto states that their club “will be personalizing hats for students with special needs at American based on their interest. On Saint Patrick’s day [they] will take pictures with the students in [their] hats.”

     Other than service hours, what else might students get out of this event? 

     Michelle Zhao (12), president of the National Honor Society club, answers, “I feel that it’s one way to get engaged with the rest of the student body, and it’s a really nice way to be able to bond with others. Even though you are not from the same organization, we are all working towards a common goal: really allowing students to be engaged in our community.” 

     Key club will be working with another club for making origami cranes for cancer, a way to show support for pediatric cancer patients and a separate date where they will be going to a clinic to put the cranes around walls.

   Throughout this week, other clubs like Interact have different plans for students. Archisha Datta (12), president of the Interact club, says, “Our club is making care packages to donate to the local homeless shelters. We are also including personalized things like cards and friendship bracelets along with sanitary items.”

     Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus and the school remaining closed until April 7th, this event will not be happening in March anymore. It may be postponed to a later time, and the moment school starts clubs may take necessary actions to try to let the event happen.  Right now, nothing is confirmed as no one knows for sure when school will be resumed, but don’t worry! If you can’t join this year, you can always join the event next year!

 “The reason we do Week of Service and the reason we are doing it this year is because a lot of students have a lot of trouble going to our events outside of school because they don’t have transportation. It’s a great time for students [who’re] behind on hours and also [a great time] to be involved without going to [places] like San Francisco,” says Archisha Datta (12).

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