What’s it like to have a twin at school?

Shreya Daschoudhary 

Staff Writer 

    “There are many advantages and disadvantages to having a twin, but I think it’s all just a matter of perspective. Personally, I enjoy having a twin because, being the same age, we have an unbreakable connection and bond with each other,” says Rashi Haria (11). “We are like best friends, and I feel like we are closer to each other than most siblings today because there is no age gap.”

     “Best thing about having a twin is having someone who I can lean on every day and talk to as well,” agrees Akash Sannasi (11). 

     With the good, comes the bad, and twins aren’t exempt from this. 

     “Sometimes the worst thing that happens is that we get compared,” says Rashi’s sister, Ruchi. “But we don’t really take that negatively.”

     As one might expect, twins tend to be quite similar in terms of interests. 

     “We have similar interests in the things we like; for example, we both like to dance, but I have a bigger passion towards dance,” says Ruchi.

     “Similarities are how me and my twin think and see things in the world,” says Akash. 

     However, Rashi mentions that twins may not be as similar as people think. 

     “My sister and I are like polar opposites. Our personalities are quite different,” Rashi states.
“However, some of our hobbies are similar, making it easier for us to get along with each other.”

      “We tend to like opposite things food-wise, like I like ketchup and my twin does not,” says Akash. 

     Often, as people grow older, they grow apart from their families and move on with their own lives; does having a twin change this? 

     “I have never really thought about growing apart as I grow up. Ruchi, my sister, has always been a constant in my life and I cannot even imagine [my] life without her,” says Rashi. “She is the only sole person that has been through everything with me, and I feel like even as we grow older, our bond will stay the same. I know that eventually we will part ways, but we will never lose contact with each other. I like to live in the present, so I have not really given it much thought, but I know that I will do everything I can to make sure that we do not grow apart.” 

Ruchi and Rashi Haria pose together for a picture. “Having a twin allows you to connect with someone your own age at any time whereas as an only child you don’t have someone to talk to or do things with, and as a sibling there are differences with gender and age that create a gap between the two siblings,” says Ruchi. 

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