The New Italy 

Rebecca Beddingfield

Media Editor

We’re getting through week two, and a series of social media chain messages, pressing forward to the next few weeks to come before the anticipated return to “normal.” While things are getting a bit more distant, they are still happening, so let’s dive right in. 

The World as We Know it

Experimental Treatment The Mount Sinai Hospital in New York has been approved to start using donated blood plasma from Coronavirus survivors, with antibodies that could help fight the virus, in use to help those currently struggling with the illness. To look at this treatment that has been approved by the FDA on an emergency basis, follow the link here. 

U.S. Largest Number of Confirmed Cases Today, the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the U.S. rose over 83,000, according to the CDC, now surpassing the cases of any other country, while Italy and China are closer to 81,000. To learn how the virus became worse in the U.S. and next steps for the nation moving forward, follow the New York Times update here.

The CARES Act The Senate’s $2 trillion relief package, announced Wednesday night, will make direct checks to eligible Americans as well as effect both small and big businesses, public health, government, and more. For a break down on each aspect of the CARES act, look at NPR’s breakdown here.

Challenger While public schools like AHS shut down due to the Coronavirus Friday afternoon, Challenger, a non-profit private school, remained open until the shelter-in-place starting last Tuesday. Some parents went to social media beforehand to ask for Challenger to close earlier, and found later that their children were unenrolled from the school. For a full look at the issue, click here.

Quarantine Photo of the Day

Abby Cromie (11), along with her mother, takes their dog out for a walk in an isolated area, including adventures such as exploring the neighborhood pile of dirt.

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