Quarantine Day: 9

Liana Dong

Staff Writer

9:15 AM: My first alarm goes off. I don’t wake up.

9:40 AM: I wake up! I’ve received a text from my friend about how she can’t find the link to our history Zoom meeting at 10. I check my computer, but I can’t find it either. After a rushed teeth brushing and a lot of confusion, it eventually gets published at 10:03, and we take notes on our class’s newspaper presentations.

10:56 AM: Class finishes. I go downstairs, where my brother and mom are talking about my mom’s trip to get bread this morning. She’s been trying to get bread for days, but so has everyone else, I guess. She makes us sandwiches, and we eat them before she goes to work.

12:15 PM: My brother brought some milk tea powder pouches back from college, so we try an oolong “supreme” pack. It’s better than the one we made yesterday! Then, I watch him play a game of League / lay on his bed while he plays a game of League. We play two rounds of the card game Monopoly Deal before we get tired of each other.

3:00 PM: I Zoom with our Journalism class! We talk about the interview process that we need to adopt for the last few editions of the Eagle Era. April’s issue is supposed to be a special feature edition, which is a lot tougher when you can’t meet with the person you’re featuring. After we talk about the logistics of the class, we chat until around 4:30 until Mr. Savoie needs to walk his son. 

6:00 PM: I take a shower. After I finish, I text my mom to ask if she can teach me how to sew. I tried learning for a day like two years ago, but I’ve forgotten everything.

7:15 PM: My brother and I go to eat dinner. My mom comes home early, which was really nice! I’m telling myself that I’ll start my essay before I go to bed, but we’ll see what happens.

Today was a good day! The lack of structure is just hitting hard. I usually concentrate really well in school, but when I’m at home I don’t do anything. I think I’ll change out of my pajamas tomorrow and see if that helps my productivity. Even though things could be better, I’m very very lucky that homework is the worst of my worries. Thank you for reading, and please take care of yourselves! 

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