Learning as we go

Rebecca Beddingfield

Media Editor

Things have happened today as the students of AHS have been forced to look at it through a window of sorts. While we have not learned how long measures such as self-quarantine or other shelter-in-place measures will go on, or when Coronavirus will get better, let’s take a look on what we did learn today.

The Daily Scoop

Teenage Death A minor in LA county died of Coronavirus today in what is believed to be the first death of someone under 18 connected to COVID-19 in the United States, while there have been such cases in countries such as China and the UK. A member of the family stated on his Facebook that the girl did not have any preexisting medical conditions. You can get a link to the full story here.

Economics President Trump is considering reopening businesses by Easter, against the suggestions of public health officials. This brings up a clash of opinion whether the dip of the economy or a surge of deaths is the best option for the country, or if there was a better solution. For a more in-depth look on the issue, the New York Times has a full-length article here.

Abortion Texas and Ohio has deemed abortion precedures as ‘non-essential’ medical precedures to the dismay of many pro-choice activists. Some say that these measures are exploiting the Coronavirus pandemic to push their pro-life agendas, while others claim that the measure is to reserve medical resources for treating COVID-19. For a full view of the issue, click the link here.

South Korea This Asian country has had success containing and lowering their cases of Coronavirus in the matter of weeks, as Italy’s rises astronomically. While South Korea’s success is desirable in the United States, problems such as invading personal privacy and mass testing might make a South Korean method in the United States both problematic and unlikely. To learn how South Korea lowered their COVID-19 cases so quickly, follow the link here. 

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