Quarantine Day: 8

Michelle Fong

Broadcast Editor

10:00 AM: I told myself that I was going to wake up sooner today, because I had a lot of homework to catch up on but I still ended up waking up at 10:00am. I rolled out of bed, slipped my feet into my fuzzy bear slippers, and made my way to the bathroom to take a shower. I usually shower at night but today I decided to shower in the morning to give myself a refreshing start to the day.

12:05pm: Well I took a long time to pamper myself in the bathroom so I ended up walking downstairs to the kitchen at around 12:05pm. I cracked an egg into the bowl and beat it to a yolky consistency. I turned on the stove and began to make myself some scrambled eggs. Next, I took out the turkey and placed it on a plate. While the eggs were cooking, I cut open an avocado and sliced it into smaller pieces. When the eggs were done, I toasted a piece of bread, put everything on top, and garnished with salt and pepper.

1:10pm: After I had devoured my brunch, I headed upstairs to begin my AP Lit Victorian Poems assignment. This assignment took the majority of my day because I had to read the four poems in detail and then thoroughly analyze them so that I could answer the questions attached to the poems. This assignment took a lot of my energy because I was actively using my brain. I listened to some lo-fi music while completing the assignment.

5:00pm: I finally finished my poems assignment and I made my way downstairs to eat a little snack, because I was hungry. I ate a small apple and a bag of Pirate’s Booty. While eating, I watched YouTube videos on updates on COVID-19. The stats are scary so I stopped watching after two videos.

5:35pm: I received a text from my cheer coach saying that she missed us and hoped that we continued to do some workouts at home to keep up our stamina. I decided to do a short workout in my parent’s room because after a week of just sitting around, I finally gave in. After the workout, I hopped in the shower again. 

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