Quarantine Day 7

Michelle Lee


8:10 AM: I wake up to shut off the alarm I set. Since I have a bad habit of going back to sleep after turning off an alarm, I had to get an app that forces me to solve a puzzle or complete a task in order to stop the alarm. It’s supposed to wake me up. After doing so, I promptly go back to sleep.

9:30 AM: I wake up (again) and am able to get myself out of bed this time. Good job, me.

10:15 AM: Gosh, what did I do with this time? I might have spent it on social media. I remember replying to some birthday wishes from yesterday. It was sweet of people to take the time to send messages. 

2:00 PM: After a week of sitting at home, I decide to actually go outside (gasp) and exercise. Nothing much. Just jog for half a mile around my neighborhood. My sister had PE homework, so I thought I’d join her. Wow, not having to take PE for the last two years really takes a toll on you. I did miss the fresh air though. The cherry blossoms are still here!

5:00 PM: I thought I’d quickly text my cousin who’s in Korea. Even though there’s a slight language barrier, it’s all fine as long as we understand what the other person is saying. 
8:30 PM: After convincing myself that I can do school work tomorrow and choosing to ignore some disappointing college decisions, I sit down to watch a K-drama with my family. Watching it has me setting some unrealistic standards for romance… It’s really good though, so I recommend it— 200/10. Twelve stars out of five.

Today was the start of the second week of shelter-in-place. While it was generally pretty uneventful, it’s been nice to be able to talk and laugh with my family more often. A typical school day would have been me sitting at my desk, coming downstairs to eat dinner, and then retreating to my room to work until it’s late. Now, I’m actually in bed by 10:30 PM! It’s a miracle. 

I hope everyone continues to stay healthy and safe. Keep finding reasons to smile.  🙂

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