Day 6 of quarantine

Nydia Kuo

Staff Writer

8:00 AM I mention before that I wake up late. The only reason why I am awake this early is because I still have Chinese class. The teacher decided not to postpone our test so everyone are on Zoom to continue our testing. To start my day with a really hard test is not fun. Not fun at all. I sat in front of my computer for three hours taking that test.

3:42 PM Right after the test I had to make another call for my group project. Today went by so slowly. I was me making calls to others so we can finish our work. Today is like my work day, everything I do is either related to the work “homework” or “school.” Not fun, I rather sleep.

4:30 PM When I thought I finally have a chance to take a short nap, I get dragged by my family to take a walk. Through out this whole week, I basically stayed in my room and never walked out. A little part of me was glad that they pulled me out of my room, fresh air was something I needed to clear my mind. I also took some pictures of the view too. I guess it’s a nice way to end the day.

Dragged out the door by my lovely little sister, Natasha

Today is not as relaxing as I would of hoped. It’s just a boring day loaded with calls and work. After finishing all my work today, I definitely do not plan to wake up early again.

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