Day 5 of Quarantine

Annie Liu


11:00 AM I finally force myself out of bed. Ever since last Friday, I’ve been sleeping in each morning. Honestly, at this point, days of waking up at 7 AM for school feel like they were a lifetime ago.

1:00 PM Ms. Nauss held a Zoom session for AP Gov, which is the first class that I’ve had an online session for. It was definitely different from usual. I’m slowly realizing that it’s pretty hard to focus on schoolwork when I’m in the comfort of my room.

3:00 PM We had a virtual Eagle Era team bonding via video call to make up for our original plans to go out and have a physical team bonding. It was a nice chance to talk to everyone after a week of social distancing!

4:00 PM Normally, I work as a tutor at a center near American, but since we’re all on lockdown, we’ve resorted to online tutoring sessions instead. It took a little getting used to, but overall, I found online tutoring to be pretty effective!

Since lockdown, I’ve had to move my part-time tutoring job online. We’ve decided to use Zoom and screen-share worksheets to work on together.

5:27 PM I’ve been refreshing the UCLA portal all day and it finally goes through. I got accepted!! It feels so unreal and my heart is racing so fast—UCLA has been my dream school since freshman year, and I can’t believe I actually got in.

All in all, today was a pretty busy day, and it marks the end of my first week of quarantine. While being on lockdown isn’t ideal, I think I’ve managed to survive this first week pretty well. Hoping everyone stays safe in these coming weeks!!

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