A New Normal

Rebecca Beddingfield

Media Editor

While numbers are rising in both deaths and infections, it’s been a bit of a slow day after a surge of news with new legislations and plans for Coronavirus relief. Many at AHS are settling into a new normal as school continues at home and continue to follow the news.

Take-Aways From Today

Italy The country of Italy’s death count has now surpassed China’s. While the country is shut down, many officials comment that it is too late to reverse the damage that has been done. Hospitals do not have enough supplies to support all of the sick, and some in the U.S. fear the same future for the country’s health care system.

Florida Following the recommendation of the CDC, many restaurants and bars are closed along the shore of Florida beaches, but that is not stopping young adults from going out. Instead of dispersing among these restaurants and other attractions, most are heading straight to the beach, ignoring social distancing policies. Many beach-goers responded that people were taking the virus too seriously. According to DeSantis, there have already been 192 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the state of Florida. 

Update: Clearwater Beach, the Florida beach receiving most of the action, will be officially closed to the public starting Monday.

Young Adults While it has been previously mentioned that the Coronavirus does not have a strong effect on the young and the healthy, new reports from the CDC indicate that forty-percent of hospitalized Coronavirus patients are from the ages of 20-54. In contrast, the Florida beach-goers are mostly college-aged adults. 

Cologne Turkey is experiencing a new rise in popularity in Turkish brands of cologne, due to the fact that they are made with high percentages of alcohol (The CDC recommends hand sanitizers that are at least 60% alcohol). While sales are boosted, some of the stores that hold these colognes are becoming crowded, which some see as counterproductive to helping slow the spread of the virus.

How to Stay Six Feet Apart

Quarantine mostly means staying inside, but there are times where it is appropriate to leave the house such as to buy groceries or exercise. However, especially in highly trafficked places, the six foot rule becomes a great theory with difficult execution.

In many cases, if it’s possible, the best situation is to avoid crowded places. Before you leave your house, it’s best to be proactive to see if there’s a way to increase your likelihood of being in a crowded situation. Going at less common hours or to less popular grocery stores makes the process slightly easier. 

Quarantine Picture of the Day

American High School student Rachel Lin (11) follows social distancing protocols as she sits in a room and spends quality time with other, like-minded, Rachel Lins.

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