Connecting to the world and each other

Rebecca Beddingfield

Media Editor

While Governor Newsom shocks the public with the warning of an extended school closure and Pence’s proclamation that this virus could last through parts of July, the Eagle Era is continuing to operate on verifiable facts while the predictions of politicians are not set in stone. Today we’ll focus on surviving the quarantine, online school, and the usual world update. 

What We’ve Learned Today 

Lots of news can turn into panic during the age of the Coronavirus, so it’s important to remember what American is doing right. We’re staying home, and many of us are keeping a six-foot distance from people we don’t live with, even as frustrating as it might be.

Groceries Essential trips can be hard, especially when they’re to crowded grocery stores. Many services allow for groceries to be delivered to your door, but if you don’t have that option, there are ways to stay safe while you shop. Many students at AHS help their parents with errands, which is useful in helping the process go faster, in turn leading to a lesser chance of infection by helping parents create a plan and splitting up the process. However, it is important to touch as little as possible and sanitize everything, and of course, wash your hands. 

Younger Age Groups While COVID-19 is less severe in children than adults, new studies suggest that, contrary to prior beliefs, the virus can be severe towards younger age groups, namely infants, but also in other age groups, including young adults. 

Politics The Northern border between the U.S and Canada is going through its own shelter-in-place, only allowing essential traffic through in an attempt to slow down the spread of the virus. In other news, a new relief effort has passed through the Senate that will provide paid family and sick leave for many across the country, while another plan from the Treasury Department has been proposed for direct payments to many Americans, with the support of the Trump Administration. 

Volunteers A group of volunteers in Italy reverse-engineered and produced 3D-printed valves that are used in helping treat coronavirus, as a hospital in Northern Italy was running short on supplies, and the usual supplier unable to complete the demand. There is no word if the manufacturer is planning to take legal action against these volunteers. 

Connecting Through a Screen

Many have been told in their lives that too much screen time is unhealthy, but as it becomes one of our only ways to communicate with others at AHS, there’s a fine line being drawn between excessive screen time and a lack of human connection. In this age of online-only communication, the question remains if true connections can be formed through technology. 

“I have been able to connect with people easily via texting, messenger, etc.” says Emma Walker (11). Many students at AHS are taking the quarantine in their stride and don’t feel too much of an absence of communication. However, others are noticing a great difference.

“It’s easier to feel more isolated from friends when you’re in the house all day so you really have to put effort into being able to interact with your friends, like being the one to text first or asking if you can call,” says Alicia Cho (11). However, there is a certain appreciation for this distance in relation to the added time being spent with family, saying “it’s nice to be able to eat meals together, because we normally only eat dinner together, but maybe on the weekends when we’re not all working, we could all spend some time together and play some board games or something like that.”

While connecting is still different during this uncertain time, the students at American are not giving up any time soon. 

Quarantine Picture of the Day 

Wenchi Lai (11) has used her time away from school to spend time and connect with people she doesn’t get to talk with on a normal school day, including a friend who moved away to North Carolina when they were in middle school.

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