Day 2 of Quarantine: 

Shreya Daschoudhary 

Staff Writer

8:15 AM – I don’t know why, but my phone has this thing where, instead of having a normal alarm, there’s an AI that says good morning to you and reads out the main headlines of the day. For the past week or so, it’s all been about COVID-19, and today was no different. Admittedly, it’s not the most encouraging thing to wake up to. I never thought I’d say this, but I’m itching for this to blow over so school can reopen and things can return to normal.

I try to wash my hands often, especially because I feel like my immune system is on the weaker side (I literally get sick at the drop of a hat).

After breakfast, I decided to do last week’s math homework that’s technically “due” today, and scroll through Reddit while reviewing videos for AP Euro. As it has been for a while, the majority of the memes on Reddit are joking about Coronavirus. While they tend to be rather sarcastic, the little lightness it adds to the current situation isn’t entirely unwelcome. 

Surprisingly, my teachers haven’t really assigned that much homework, so this quarantine period is basically a break for me. While I was initially open to and even excited about the idea of getting a few weeks off from school, not being able to do anything but stay home all day has proven to be rather boring. I was excited about being able to play video games all day for three weeks, but the steady stream of rude teammates took the enjoyment out of that too. So, I spent an hour or two doodling in the morning while leaving YouTube videos playing in the background.  

Books I have to use to read, study, and do homework from during the quarantine period. 

After lunch, I practiced some graphic design for Journalism, and video-called the media editor so she could go over some things with me. It was satisfying to finally be able to get things right, and also nice to be able to talk to people other than my family. 

Afterwards, I played a few more League games. Although it can be frustrating to lose, I still welcomed the opportunity to play with friends and chat about our day through the game’s voice chat while playing. I had a small snack, finished some work for my math and chemistry classes, and watched part of a random anime movie I dug up on Netflix. 

Most of the people I talk to on a daily basis at school use Discord, so I keep in touch with them. Discord’s also letting up to 50 people join a video call, which is fun because sometimes we stream videos that teachers assigned, and we all do the assignment together. I’ve also been using Spotify a lot, since I’ve been on my computer a lot more. The Spotify ad is ironic because a lot of stores don’t even have cold medicine in stock.

7:05 PM – Overall, there was nothing really special about today, although I did get significantly more work done than I did yesterday. The perpetually dreary weather outside doesn’t do anything to help lighten the gloomy atmosphere, which I’m disappointed about. The stores have also been completely sold out of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and even rice for quite a few days now, which is frustrating. Even Amazon doesn’t have anything left, which really just shows how severely this has affected us all. I mean, when was the last time Amazon didn’t have something so common in stock? While being confined at home has slowly but surely been chipping away at my sanity, there are fortunately a number of ways to keep in touch with acquaintances. I really do hope the virus can be contained soon. 

-Shreya Daschoudhary, Staff Writer 

 I thought I woke up way too early because it was so dark outside. Then I almost overslept. I really wish the weather wasn’t trying so hard to mirror the general atmosphere…

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