Introducing American’s new guide to all things AHS and Coronavirus 

Rebecca Beddingfield

Media Editor

Things are happening fast and it is hard to keep on track with everything coming through the numerous emails and news articles coming through on your device, so we at the Eagle Era want to ease your load by updating you not only about Coronavirus in our community and around the globe, but how it is affecting our campus personally through the next few weeks.

The Good News

While the outbreak is serious, with the total death globally surpassing 6,500, today marks a period of human history different from any other, and while American can not physically ban together, we can help each other and our communities at this time.

Here are a few ways you can help today:

  1. Call a friend. Quarantine can feel a lot like isolation, even through texting, and it’s important to reach out to students who may feel alone right now.
  2. Actually. Stay. Home. While it’s tempting to make plans with your friends and break the six foot guideline, you could still become a carrier for the Coronavirus. Many online games have a collaborative feature so you can still participate in activities with your friends.
  3. Donate Blood. Red Cross blood centers are still accepting appointments and are asking eligible donors to give blood during this time of urgent need. For more information, go to
  4. Donate to your local food bank, that is also in urgent need. For more information go to
  5. Do not panic. Keep up with your mental health. While it seems to be arbitrary in helping the whole community, people who remain calm are less likely to hoard resources such as toilet paper unnecessarily and leave a deficit for others. Remember that grocery stores will remain open during this time.

What Does it Mean for Alameda County to Announce a Shelter-in-Place?

Alameda’s public health officers, along with other counties in the Bay Area, have announced a shelter-in-place beginning tomorrow, March 1. This measure is the most aggressive so far, closing non-essential businesses such as movie theaters and sit in restaurants, and will alter the closing of schools, until April 7th rather than FUSD’s original two week closure plan. Grocery stores, restaurants that offer take-out, and other essential businesses will remain open. People will still be allowed to leave their homes to take walks or other recreational activities as long as they stay six feet away from people they don’t live with.

Updates on Online School

Teachers emails are trickling in with plans to start academic course work without meeting in person, while some teachers are still to give their students an idea of what the next three weeks might look like. Applications such as Google Classroom, Clever, and even YouTube are reaching their full potential as teacher’s scramble to move their in person plans to work in an online setting. Chem teacher Ms. Liu might have one of the more unique methods, using YouTube Live to simulate a classroom environment, with class starting at 8:30 with instructional material all the way to 9:15, with a time to interact with each other in the comment section near the end of class. In comparison, some teachers have abandoned the classroom setting altogether, providing resources that can be completed on the student’s own time, including nontraditional school times such as the productive hours of two to four am. 

There are resources for those who don’t have computers, and even Internet access. American’s offices will be open and checking out Chromebooks from 8-12am tomorrow for those who don’t have access to a laptop. Additionally, if you are in need of WIFI, you can visit to find more information on how to obtain free WIFI for studying at home.

What You Need to Know about College Board

March makeup as well as the May SAT has been cancelled throughout the country in response to the coronavirus outbreak, especially affecting juniors who are coming up towards their last few chances.

College Board has stated:

“We’ll be as flexible as possible to give you the best chance to show your skills and stay on the path to college, which includes providing future additional SAT testing opportunities as soon as feasible in place of canceled administrations.”

Currently, all test administrations of the June SAT within a 10 mile radius are full.

In addition to the SAT, it is likely that the virus will affect AP testing in May. The College Board has no intention of cancelling the testing students have paid for and is currently entertaining the idea of online testing, although no decisions are finalized.

Quarantine Picture of the Day 

Today’s quarantine photos come from staff writer Nydia Kuo (10) at two different grocery stores. Hoarding and panic have caused many shelves in grocery stores to dry up and long lines in crowded, not social distancing friendly amounts. Many recommend getting what you need and not more in order to resolve this problem, as grocery stores plan to continue being open for business. The Eagle Era is accepting submission of photos that showcase different aspects of life under quarantine online through Facebook messaging and emails at

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