Final Exams at AHS after Winter Break 

Aarya Vaidya

Staff Writer

     In recent years, there has been a push by several students, parents, and staff to move finals before winter break. Students often hope to have finals prior to break in order to have more time to relax, though some may not study throughout break. 

     “I study for finals after break, because after break, it’s closer to the day of the actual finals, so it’s easier to memorize things. Also, by that time, I know what’s actually going to be on my finals,” explained Tejal Prabhu (9). 

     However, some students prefer to use their time during break to study. 

     “Before break starts, I try to schedule my time in my calendar dedicated to studying each subject so that I can study day by day and take my time. I find that I feel more committed and encouraged if I can follow what is in my calendar,” said Arezo Ahmadi (12). 

     However while both students have different study schedules for finals, both felt that finals at the end of January added to their stress. 

     “The point of break is to relax, but I feel like if [finals] are after break, everybody’s still stressed about them…There’s more time to study, but not because of break [only]. There’s more time to study because there’s a period of time from after break to finals. I think that’s when you can study more,” said Prabhu. 

     Aarthi Kannan (11) also believes that taking the time to relax during break can have positive effects for studying.

     “I like to study for finals after break because winter break [is] the only two weeks when I can relax and not have to worry about deadlines and tests. Taking a break from all the stress also just helps me focus more in school when I come back,” told Kannan. 

    On the other hand, some feel that that it is more difficult to remember content after break, even though there is more time to study.

     “I feel that if finals are after break, it makes me more stressed because there is always the possibility that I could forget some material or feel overwhelmed when I come back from break,” said Ahmadi.

     While some students like Kannan tried not to focus on studying for finals during break, she did feel continue to feel stressed. 

     “If finals were before break, I’d definitely feel a lot less stressed during during the two weeks off. I feel like I can actually have more fun if I didn’t have to think about all the tests that are coming after [the] break,” said Aarthi Kannan (11). 

[If finals were before break], I would spend more time hanging out with my friends and socializing with people rather than studying…I studied a little bit… but I don’t think it was as effective as it [could] have been,” said Prabhu. 

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