AHS students weigh in on the benefits of new year’s resolutions 

Aarya Vaidya

Staff Writer  

     As the year comes to a close, it has always been a popular tradition to start the next year by setting a new year’s resolution. For some, this is an important way to create a positive change in their lives while others have a less optimistic view of creating a new year’s resolution. 

     Shreya Patil (11) is one of many students who feels that these resolutions are not the best way to start off the year. 

     “My resolutions [in the past were] usually big changes…I never follow[ed through with] them, and I don’t want to start my new year [feeling like] a failure,” said Patil. 

     Meghana Hariprasad (10) too believes that new year resolutions that people set are not always a realistic goal, especially considering the time duration of these goals.

     “I just don’t follow them because they’re always things that [are] changing and things that get in the way,” explained Hariprasad. 

     On the other hand, there are several students do find value in creating and trying to follow through their resolutions. 

     “My resolution was to get to know more people and make friends outside of my circle…This goal is important to me because I enjoy meeting new people and being comfortable in any situation without any uneasiness,” said Nivi Arun (11). 

     To achieve her goal, Arun made herself take risks even though she sometimes felt as though she had not followed through her goals. Despite her concerns about not achieving her resolution, Arun worked through the challenges. 

    “There were a few times that I felt that when I could have met new people I shied away and stayed with the ones I was familiar with which was why I decided on this resolution in the first place…[However], I stayed motivated by remembering the level of closeness and excitement I got from meeting new people, and it encouraged me, in situations where I could branch out, to go out of my comfort zone and make new friends,” explained Arun. 

     Ayushi Bhatnagar (12) too was proud of achieving her goal of spending more quality time with friends this year.

     “Schoolwork and other activities tend to get the better of me and I find myself not spending enough time with people who are important to me…By telling myself that [by] allocating a few minutes of my day to spending time with friends and family [allowed] me to be social as well as learn how to properly manage time,” said Bhatnagar. 

     For Rakshan Patnaik (9), the goal of spending more time with friends was more focused on developing a stronger identity in high school. 

     “I wanted to get closer to [my friends], and make more [friends], so I can have more connections in high school. I also wanted people to care for me in the scary and intimidating place that is high school,” said Patnaik. 

     Whether or not you choose to create a new year’s resolution, a positive mindset is always a great way to start of the new year and decade. Arun hopes to use next year as a time to improve upon her work. 

     “Next year I want to stay focused and not procrastinate on any commitments [that] I might have,” said Arun. 

“My resolutions stays the same every year. I feel like if I maintain the same resolution every year, it provides a sense of consistency to my lifestyle, and it ensures that no matter what happens, I will always make time for those who are important to me,” said Ayushi Bhatnagar (12). 

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