School Closes because of Leaking

Aarya Vaidya

Staff Writer

     Unexpected rains led to an unexpected day of school closing on September 16th. The administration discovered on Monday morning that the rain had leaked through the school roofs which were undergoing construction. With the leaking issues, the school administration had to respond quickly in order to keep students safe. Power was shut down and students and faculty were forced to leave the buildings due to safety concerns.

      “[When] water gets into contact with [the wiring’s] metal, it can short circuit sometimes, and the alarm can go off. That’s why some of the lights were flickering,” explained Assistant Principal Mr. Reibenschuh. 

     While the staff worked hard to solve the issues, they soon realized that they would not be able to solve the problem fast enough to keep students in classes.“When we found out that they couldn’t fix it quickly because they couldn’t find the right parts for it, we decided to send the kids home,” said Mr. Reibenschuh.      

   With the delay in fixing the leaking issues, students were dismissed from school at the end of the first period. While students did have a free day, adjusting to the change in schedule did lead to some complications for how students would get home.“I’m in a carpool, so there was confusion on who would be picking me up,” explained Sakshee Parekh (11).  

     However, students were able to enjoy their day off. Even with the initial chaos organizing the carpool, Parekh still got the chance to have a relaxing day.

     “I went to Starbucks for an hour…I did homework that was due the next day, so I had a head start on it. I was able to sleep earlier, so it was really helpful to my mental state,” Parekh told.

     Pranav Grandhi (9) also too had a similar experience. 

     “I was pretty excited. I had tests that day which I got to skip,” he told. When asked about how he spent his day, he responded by saying “I had a lot of homework, so I just did that… I  still studied for the test because I got more time to study”. 

     With the help of the administration, students were able to return home safely and resume school the next day. Mr. Reibenschuh emphasized the importance of keeping students safe and explained that, “[The administration] started checking the various locations of the school, [and they] found out how much water [there] was and how dangerous it could have been had [they] not taken the right precautions.” 

Caption: The first rains of the season came unexpectedly which led to leaking.“Because of the roof construction that is happening, we had holes in the roof, and they hadn’t filled all that stuff in so the rain came right through,” explained Mr. Reibenschuh.

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